BlogSwarm: Postponed!


So, a little while ago I raised the idea of BlogSwarm: Eve bloggers and their readers in noobships causing hell. Quite a few people expressed interest so how about we do it this weekend? If we start at 12:00 Eve on either the Saturday or Sunday then people from all time zones should be able to join.

So, reply in the comments with which of the two you prefer and I’ll post a decision in a couple of days along with the rendezvous system and the like. I think we’ll probably go to Amarr low sec for our fights with the option of going to annoy CVA in Providence if we want some 0.0 fun.

If you want to chat about it in game I’ve started a channel called BlogFleet so you can come and chat in there.

Edit: Looks like I have a corp op on Saturday so if we’re going to do this it’ll have to be Sunday.

Due to lack of responses and real life commitments this has been postponed, but we will do it eventually.


7 Responses to “BlogSwarm: Postponed!”

  1. I say Saturday.

  2. Not available Saturday, but am on Sunday. Sounds like fun; if the majority opt for Saturday and I miss this one, I sure hope there will be another soon.

  3. Not available. Work again. I need cash in RL to pay for my eve subscription, internet access etc etc.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading all about it!


  4. I have an attack of Real Life this weekend (as in bf’s mates coming for a visit, want to make sure I’m treating him well), dunno if I’m free either day. Will keep you posted…

  5. Saturdays are usually better for many of us, but things are a bit nutty for me this weekend. I will be on, but not free like I would like.

    Perhaps we should hold off on this until next weekend, say the 25th. That should give outlaws time to get a noob ship into amarr low sec space and plan a way to get ourselves there safely.

    Which system did you want to start the roam in anyway?

  6. I don’t know if there is already an in-game channel for Eve bloggers, but I thought I’d create one. It’s called EVE-BLOGGERS. Come on in and say hi.

    And maybe this channel can be used to organise ‘eve-blogger operations’. 🙂


  7. I should read the whole post before I get excited about creating new channels… *mutters* Let’s just ignore my new in-game channel and go with what’s already been created! LOL

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