Due to various commitments in station at the moment I’m probably spending more time scheming than I am hunting down prey. This needs to change and, ideally, it needs to involve some pretty serious giggles so I’m proud to be able to finally present an idea I’ve been brewing for a while: BlogSwarm.

I can already here the cries of confusion. What in New Eden is he on about? Well, its pretty simple. Basically as many Eve bloggers as possible and their friends turn up at a pre-determined rendezvous point in noobships and we go out and cause utter chaos. It doesn’t matter what you come in. The Reaper, Velator, Ibis, and Impairor are all more than capable of dealing a comfortable amount of damage. Plus if everyone brings along an ECM drone we should be able to lock most people down without too much issue.

So, what do you reckon? Would you guys be keen for this?


22 Responses to “BlogSwarm”

  1. I’m in, though travel to the “rendez-vous point” might be next to impossible depending where and how far I am from it. We’ll just have to see!

  2. 2 Squizz C.

    What about the blog readers? This sounds like a blast and it would be fun to actually fly with some of you.

  3. I so want in! I may only be a mere reader, but I think I can hang!
    In other words, that sounds like a wonderful idea!

  4. I can tell you right now that I would be able to bring a number of people for this sort of op. My corp loves crazy crap like running around in gank-fitted newb ships.

  5. I would throw in a Rifter in the spirit of generating original, player driven content for the citizens of EVE. The designated meeting place may prove to be logistically challenging.

    I’m in!

  6. Readers are definitely more than welcome. The more the merrier. I have vision of an absolute swarm of noobships.

    @CK: Well, at least it will involve relatively little ship fitting. Where do you live/have jump ciones in empire?

    @Spectre: Bring ’em along!

    @Pegleg Punk: Don’t bring Rifters, this is about comedy rather than efficiency.

  7. 7 yahrr

    one velator commin’ up… 🙂

  8. I’m in, but I am in the same situation as CK. We may be able to get there by interceptor or by pod, but once we undock in a noob ship, sentries will pop us on the spot. Low sec might be a better option for us pirates.

  9. 9 Avan

    should start in lowsec and roll through CVA 😀

  10. @Ga’len: We’ll definitely be in lowsec so that a) we can shoot stuff and b) I don’t get popped by sentries.

    Have just realised the implicit fact that I’ll have to FC this unless someone else is willing to step up to the plate. You do know we’re all going to die in a blaze of comedy, right?

  11. Lowsec. Cool. And yes, it will be a blaze of lolz, but that’s kind of the point, should be fun.


  12. OMG!!!
    I am so in, it’s like the fleet of Velators on YouTube.
    As long as we are on at the same time I would love to join! If I can get to where you guys are without being poddes ofcourse hehe.
    Add me to your addressbook and just gimme a shout!
    Attack of the bloggers – we spam blog addresses on the guy before killing ’em =]

  13. Pity…

  14. Oh god…. resistance is futile. I do happen to have a velator parked in a station somewhere…

    We’ll need a comms channel we can all use sor this ^_^ Eve Voice is (still) teh suck.

  15. Oh yea..bring Daddy that hot, spicy, Reaper love! I’m all for this guys. Let me know when and where: low or high sec is good for me (for now anyway). If anyone has access to a JC vat it would be appreciated as well since I don’t have one yet. (Yes, I’ll pay for it.) This should be hilarious. 🙂

  16. 1 Vote for Wens In Charge. I already got my Reaper “Low Sec Rider” ready to go. I’m so in! Low sec only 🙂 Let’s pick on somebody big and bad! /me fantasizes about the headlines now, “Blogswarm Takes Out Titan” …. it will be comedy gold!

  17. Oh yeah, re comms: I can listen fine on EVE voice, but transmit quality sux. Surely someone has or knows of someone with a TS or Vent server that we could get permission to use for a one time op. I’d volunteer mine but it only has 20 slots…might be convinced to upgrade to 30 if that would accommodate our fleet at the time of the Blogswarm.

  18. The rest of you in your Velators and Reapers will be jealous of my gold-plated, embossed Impairor. Gold-plated shrapnel when it goes boom!

  19. two questions, when in EVE time? What date?,and where? ill bring a lil rookie ship (not sure which one yet)…


  20. Sounds like fun. Look me up in-game and I’ll be there.

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