Ka Jolo’s Honour


Honor (OOC): “I have friends from across the spectrum. I recognize more than one definition of ‘honor’ in our common context–or rather, I recognize that the definition of ‘honor’ is subjective, and EVE is massively multiplayer. I pay attention to how pilots and corporations and alliances with which I am familiar behave; I want to know with whom it is and isn’t safe to duel. I follow the ‘name and shame’ threads, glad to know the names, not sure about the shame. I check the ‘corp thief’ list everytime someone applies to the Tuskers. I have chosen to fly with pirates (we initiate non-consensual destruction and death) who honor their ransoms and their 1-v.-1’s (though, being smart, there are precious few of those). I live for chances to gank others, but if I say I won’t gank you, I won’t; I keep my word. To some that still makes me a slimy griefer, to others I’m an out-of-touch goody-goody. Whatever. I’m having fun.”

(Via Your money or your life!.)

Ka Jolo writes of honour on his blog and talks, specifically, of honour amongst thieves. Seeing as he’s my CEO and sets the code that I have pledged to operate against I thought I’d add some of my own comments and say why Jolo’s version of honour makes me want to fly with him.

Sure, its a cold, dark, harsh universe out there and there are pirates waiting to take your ship and implants away from you at almost every turn. But you know that, heck, you play the game for that reason. What’s better than outwitting a pirate?

For me honour is all about my personal reputation. There are people who I’ve been in alliances with, my current corp mates, people who I’ve shot, people whose blogs I read, people I’ve flown with, people who’ve shot me, and people I live with. All of these people have an opinion of me and I hope they know that when I give my word about something, explicitly, then I’ll hold it. In the short this means honouring ransoms and 1 vs 1 requests but it goes further than that. It means that if I fleet up with you I’ll be your wingman and I’ll put my ship on the line if we’ve agreed to take someone down.

So what do people mean when they declare, loudly (and often with ridicule), “Of course there’s no honor in EVE; it’s just a game!”

Eve’s a funny place. It is just a game and your actions in it have no real world repercussions. Well, you often think they don’t, but at the other ends of the pixels are real people. And some of them are my friends now. Sure, I’ve been tricked and scammed in my time and I’ve learnt from it. That is all part of the cold harsh universe. But there’s another level to this. There are smack talkers and griefers whose aim is to ruin someone else’s game. For me that’s not honourable. Sure, have some fun with them, but I personally don’t go in for all that. I view most of my fights as business transactions. I shoot their ship, I offer them a ransom on their pod if I can, and, if they’re chatty offer them advice on how not to get caught in the future. I’m not better than the person on the other end. I either had the odds massively in my favour, got lucky, or managed to outwit them. There’s no need to make it personal though. I’m sure some of the big time pirates will look down on me for this but I’m just here to have fun, you’re just here to have fun, and everyone else is too.

For anyone interested, here is the code we Tuskers live by.


One Response to “Ka Jolo’s Honour”

  1. 1 rocwieler

    Given what both you and Jolo have said, I would be proud to be your wingmate, Matari brother.

    We often lose sight of two key things you’ve identified here:

    1. Though we be just pixels, our real selves will always shine through. No matter how much “in character” we try, who we really are will always be what people remember. Are you that smack talking, ePeen swinging, dishonourable 14 year old who hides behind the anonymity of the internet? Or are you the person that others are pleased to meet?

    2. It’s a furtherance to number one really. There is no such thing as false emotion. Joy, shame, pride, anger, the entire gambit of emotion you feel when playing a game is very real, and we react accordingly. So while it’s true there is no real world implications in as far as society goes as a whole, when you get ganked, ransomed, lied to, podded, and your ransom money and your +5 implant set are gone, chances are you’ll be smashing your keyboard against the wall, just like I do. How’s that for real world affect?

    Great post. Looks good on you and your corp.

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