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One of the reasons that I haven’t posted for a little while is that there have been some behind the scene changes going on. After plenty of fiddling around trying to get things just right it is time to announce a major change to this blog. Henceforth “Wensley: The Pirate Diaries” will be known as […]

Wow, the time has shot by! Its a whole year since I started playing Eve. In that time I’ve had some pretty great adventures including going out to 0.0 and learning how to fight and then coming back to low security space and putting it into action as a swashbuckling pirate. I’ve travelled all around […]

Holiday Time


Hi guys. Just a quick post to say that I haven’t forgotten you but rather that I’ve gone to spend a week at home with my friends and family. The weather’s not great here on Pator. See you all back in space!

How To Ransom


[ 2009.04.03 21:03:38 ] Wensley > hey there [ 2009.04.03 21:03:41 ] Wensley > this be a ransom [ 2009.04.03 21:03:48 ] Wensley > tell us a joke or we’ll make thee walk the plank [ 2009.04.03 21:04:00 ] Avan Sercedos > thee isn’t pirateish wensley [ 2009.04.03 21:04:05 ] Avan Sercedos > you’re terrible […]

As a modern pirate corporation we here at The Tuskers are very aware about our public image. We’re lucky to have a couple of high profile bloggers on our roster especially our leader, Ka Jolo. This means that New Eden at large knows about our values and the code around which we base our lives. […]

While I was down in Providence I was chatting to the guys from my old alliance about what I was up to. As friends of Against All Authorities at the time we had a few brushes with CVA and Providence Holder forces in and around Catch so they were pleased to hear about my achievements. […]

2009.03.30 23:59 Hello, for your acts of piracy your corporation has been set Kill on Sight to CVA and the Providence community. If you object, feel free to contact a CVA diplomat in the channel cva-diplo. Regards, Dyntheos Well, it seems that the Providence community aren’t a fan of my exploits. The irony is that […]

Recently there’s been a guy called Escoce hanging around Hevrice and in our public channel. What’s he doing there? Well, it turns out that he’s a man with a plan. He wants to turn Hevrice into a major lowsec market hub. I’ve been chatting to him for a while and he seems like a good […]

Something that I’ve always struggled with in Eve was coming up with names for my ships. I’ve tried coming up with themes and using those but none of them have felt quite right. In the end I just settled on calling all my Rifters Rifter, all my Ruptures Rupture, etc. Its functional but it doesn’t […]

Wow, when I first started writing about my fights I had no idea that it would end up becoming this popular. It all started off with me writing a few after action reports for my original alliance’s forums and then, inspired by Kane Rizzel, I span it out into a blog that was aimed mostly […]