When he was a young boy growing up on Hek II, Wensley dreamt of flying a spaceship like those he could see in the sky at night. The darkness of space was continually broken by trails of light as traders from across the galaxy plied their wares to and fro. As soon as he was old enough the young Brutor joined the Republic Fleet and set out on an adventure better than he could possibly have dreamed.

As soon as he’d graduated as a pod pilot Wensley knew that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life plodding around high security space running missions for the Republic’s many corporations. He had has eyes on grander things and almost instantly joined the ranks of an independent corporation called Dromedary, Goat, Albatross and Fish. Flying under the colours of DGAF, Wensley learnt the fine art of space combat. His tutors at the academy had given him the basic certification required to fly spacecraft but it was only under the watchful eyes of more experienced pilots that he learnt the real craft of fighting. DGAF was part of the Big Bang Quantum alliance who lived out in unsecured space. Although their home system wasn’t formally controlled by a private corporation it sat between too powerful alliances and there were plenty of hostile pilots to engage when the conditions were right.

While he was taking part in fleet operations with the alliance and ensuring that Sansha’s Nation was unable to re-stake its claim to the area, Wensley also practised his combat skills in low security space around the Metropolis and Heimatar regions. It has here that he really grew to love single combat with an opponent and the battle of wits that resulted. After passing several months in the area gradually honing his skills his activities started to get the attention of CONCORD and the Minmatar Navy. It was time to make a decision; either commit to null security life full time or continue down the inevitable route from low sec combat to full outlaw status.

It was difficult to leave his friends in Stain but after a long period of soul searching Wensley finally decided that the allure of life as an outlaw was too strong to resist. So, seeking fame, glory, and maybe even a bit of fortune, he packed up his things and embarked on life as a pirate. Rather than trying to go it alone he looked for mentors and eventually settled for the infamous blaggard Ka Jolo. Impressed by the promise he had shown so far Ka Jolo agreed to take him under his wing and welcomed Wensley into The Tuskers.

The story continues…


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