Its Oh So Quiet


You may have noticed that the last few posts I’ve made have been more in the spirit of general administration than reports of fights. That is, quite simply, because I’ve not been having any worth talking about lately. Hopefully this will change when I go out tonight but in the mean time I thought I’d point you in the direction of a few of my pirate brothers in arms and their tales of daring-do.

Geaux Tiger seems to be having fun in our neck of the woods. She fought Ronan Jacques from the Tuskers yesterday. Judging by her reports a good time was had by all. At the same time, Burn Mac has been fighting Rakkar Than. Its nice to see others writing about our region.

While I’ve been languishing in the doldrums in Verge Vendor, flashfresh and his murderous Bastards have been capturing a Rorqual and Spectre, Helicity, and the rest of the Python Cartel have been jousting with a fearsome Titan and coming out on top.

Hopefully it’ll be our turn for such good times soon but until then I’ll keep patrolling the space lanes and hoping to find some targets to boost my wallet and provide the hit I need.


3 Responses to “Its Oh So Quiet”

  1. You’ll find a decent fight soon man and thanks for the publicity. 🙂

    Now you made me add another blog to my growing list with Rakkar Than. How I ever get to playing EVE I’ll never know with all the blogs I read.

    Cya soon.

  2. Thanks for the mention – do come on down to Gultratren. There’s rorquals about. Piracy in New Eden is cyclical so there will be periods that are quiet – that’s when I do most of my admin too.


  3. Despite being thoroughly trounced by Burn Mac, things have been slow for me as well. Then again, I haven’t been able to go hunting lately until late enough that no one but ISK farmers are around..

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