Psylar 0


Poor Psylar 0. All he’s trying to do is get to grips with the basics of PvP but all he seems to find are Tuskers hellbent on blowing up his ship. So far I’ve fought him properly once but he had warp core stabilisers fitted so was able to escape. Since then, Joc has killed him not once, but twice (although I noticed he got some revenge with a bit of help from his friends.)

Last night I was patrolling around in my Jaguar and spotted him in Adirain. We locked each other outside the station and started a slow, dancing orbit that was interrupted only by the occasional collision with the station’s structure. After a bit of persuasion over the local comms channel he docked, adjusted his fit and then came out to fight me. I’d underestimated what he was doing in station and in pretty short order his Thorax had me webbed and my shields were being vapourised by an onslaught from his drones. I retreated, my pride wounded, and headed back to Hevrice to get something a little more appropriate.

While en route to my Rupture I opened a private channel with Psylar and chatted to him about PvP, piracy, and the Tuskers. It looks like he might join us once he’s got the required kills. Brilliant!

Back in Adirian I offered Psylar a mano a mano duel and after a bit of reassurance that we’d only fight to structure and that Tuskers were honourable types he agreed. I made a safe spot and waited for this Thorax to arrive. Mindful of his drones I burnt out to a nice, comfortable wide orbit and set my guns on the little buggers. It was only at this point I remembered my own drones – a new toy of mine, ECM Hornets. I released them and they instantly got a cycle. In fact, they locked Psylar down for most of the rest of the fight. A couple of pulses of my microwarp drive later and then were dispensed with. Now I could focus on burning through his shields and armour. I closed range, concentrated my fire, and activated my nosferatu and neutraliser to incapacitate his energy systems. From there the fight was effectively over and I deactivated my guns having taken negligible damage.

After a quick debrief Psylar headed off to repair and refit ready for round two. While he did this I’d joined my old corp’s voice channels and was chatting away. Psylar returned and I set my orbit again. This time, though, I found managing my conversation, watching my range, and targeting his drones too much to handle and I got webbed. Sensing that I change of tactic was required I once again released my swarm of ECM Hornets and closed right in so I drain his capacitor and remove his tank and half his weapons in one go. This was a much closer fight but I got him into structure again as I approached half armour.

Thanks to Psylar for the good duels and I look forward to flying with him properly once he makes his final qualifying kill.


4 Responses to “Psylar 0”

  1. You were coaching the boy eh? I ran into him in the same system but didn’t give him any leeway at all. Found him in a belt and just proceeded to pound him. Wonder if that was before or after you got hold of him?

  2. (damn can’t edit) I did a write up of it over on my blog if your interested. He seemed a good guy and definitely wanted to get all the tips he could. 🙂

  3. Sounds like Psylar is definitely interested in learning and has a good attitude. Good story, Wens.

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