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There are a couple of very cool videos up on the MyEve forum at the moment. I’m pretty sure anyone who reads this will love them, especially the Minmatar pilots amongst you. Disintigrated features Disintigrator flying Tempests, Hurricanes, Jaguars, Claws, and Rifters. Most of the action takes place in null sec but there’s plenty of […]

After plugging various videos that I’ve enjoyed watching, its time to reverse the trend a bit. May I present to you ‘Inconceivable’, my first foray into proper Eve video making. Ships featured: Rifter, Claw, Stabber Fleet Issue Download Here Also available to stream on DamageDealer (was EveTube). Soundtrack: D.A.N.C.E. – Justice A Cause des Gar├žons […]

Former Tusker Kor Anon has finally got round to releasing his Maller video. Most people think of the Maller as a tanky brick. Kor will definitely change your mind about this ship. Edit: Damn, I can’t embed EveTube videos here ­čśŽ Edit the Second: You can check out the discussion thread on the Eve Online […]

Last night I had the privilege of leading the Tuskers into battle. We formed up at 2000 EVE and headed out in search of adventure. You can read a full account of what transpired at The Tuskers Public Relations blog or just watch the video here. As always thanks to the guys for turning up […]

Getsu Fune 9


Gneeznow has done it again. Yet another addition to the fantastic Getsu Fune series: Getsu Fune 9. I think this is probably my favourite installment because he moves away from the bigger, more expensive ships and shows how fantastically effective Rifters, Punishers, Arbitrators, and Ruptures can be. All ships after my own heart. Definitely worth […]

Today sees the release of two Eve videos that its definitely worth taking the time to watch. Frigank 5 sees Prometheus Exenthal back in Amamake but this time in some new ships. As well as his usual repertoire of frigates you’ll also see him in a Keres electronic attack ship and the Coercer and Thrasher […]

The Rifter that just won’t die has had another good evening. To whet my appetite I caught a ratting Vexor in Old Man Star and ransomed him for 3,500,000 ISK. Not a bad haul, really. I’d rather have ransoms than kills against young ratters. The best bit of the evening, though, was when I got […]

Wing Commander graphics and Top Gun tunes. What more could you want? Remember, guys. Carebears aren’t people. They’re giant pi├▒atas.