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After plugging various videos that I’ve enjoyed watching, its time to reverse the trend a bit. May I present to you ‘Inconceivable’, my first foray into proper Eve video making. Ships featured: Rifter, Claw, Stabber Fleet Issue Download Here Also available to stream on DamageDealer (was EveTube). Soundtrack: D.A.N.C.E. – Justice A Cause des Garçons […]

After a relaxing week away from the front lines I’m back in Hevrice and ready to kick some arse. To make my return even more momentous I thought I’d mix up the ships I was flying so Monday night saw me cruising around Obray constellation in a Claw. Pretty much as soon as I undocked […]

As The Tuskers grow and evolve as a corporation our abilities have changed, too. In the early days we only really flew frigates, interceptors, assault frigates, cruisers, and the odd battlecruiser. These days not only have the original members developed their skills into larger ships but we’ve also attracted much more experienced, older hands who […]