Thrashers Make Me Stupid


Just a quick post today. I don’t really have much to write to you about. One thing I learnt over the weekend, though, is that destroyers make me stupid. I have been playing with a couple of autocannon-fitted Thrashers and having fun annihilating targets. For some reason that I can’t explain, though, I have managed to warp both of them to gates when I have a GCC and then lost them to sentry fire. Thankfully neither of them had another player on the mail so I don’t have to embarrass myself on the killboard.

Maybe I’ll come back and visit them again when I have some more ISK. For now its back to Rifters and doing silly things with them well away from gates. Fly reckless!


4 Responses to “Thrashers Make Me Stupid”

  1. The AC fit thrasher is devastating up close and very effective however, it doesn’t quite stand up to the firepower of the sentry guns! Looking forward to more AC Thrasher posts from you Wensley!


  2. we all have our days, at least you didnt do what i did on my very first hunt and mistake the range of sentry guns and start attacking a viator next to a gate just to get blown up your self…let me tell ya, that was embarrassing on local chat lol

    never make that mistake again 😛

  3. “Reckless flying” you did hehe.

    Destroyers are expensive?!?! Anyways keep it up dude!

  4. Thrashers are such good looking ships, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, you still look good doing it 🙂

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