[Video] Disintigrated and Negative Eleven


There are a couple of very cool videos up on the MyEve forum at the moment. I’m pretty sure anyone who reads this will love them, especially the Minmatar pilots amongst you.

Disintigrated features Disintigrator flying Tempests, Hurricanes, Jaguars, Claws, and Rifters. Most of the action takes place in null sec but there’s plenty of solo carnage to whet even the most bloodthirsty Sebestior’s appetite. His Claw piloting in particular is an absolute delight. I have the parts on order to change my current afterburner Claws into a proper dogfighting interceptor so I can have a go at emulating him.

Negative Eleven shows, amongst other ships, quite how amazing the Jaguar can be when you pimp it out a bit. Mezzik spends plenty of cash on his fittings but I do like the look of the small shield booster setup rather than the more traditional passive tanks. With the price of assault frigate hulls being what it is a couple of deadspace modules are probably worth it just to keep the thing alive.

Its good to see the small Minmatar ships getting plenty of video love. It shows I’m not alone in appreciating their power and flexibility.


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