Causus Belli


Causus Belli: “Since I joined The Tuskers we’ve been on the receiving end of a handful of war declarations. Every time we get one of these mails the whole corporation’s overwhelming response is puzzlement. Why are people spending their hard-earned ISK declaring war on a bunch of outlaws. They can already engage us at will and we can only return fire on targets that aggress us. And that means individually too. If I’m shot at Ka Jolo can’t come to my aid until they shoot him too.”

(Via The Tuskers Public Relations.)


3 Responses to “Causus Belli”

  1. 1 Jenni C

    Could it be that you’re looking at enemies with honor ?? They let you know they’re coming for you, even tho they could do it anyway.

    Perhaps these are people you could talk to, to find out what their problem is.

  2. 2 Xebecca

    Its make you easier to find – you will show up as war targets in local.

    Although the same could be done by simple setting the standings

  3. #1. Allows them to engage you on gates (well at least any of you pirates who don’t have extremely negative standings).

    #2 In the ass awful instance you decide to haul supplies with a corp pilot and not a alt, your badger/iteron/what-not can be shot in hi sec.

    #3 unless they are #3 on the list of war dec’ers 2 million isk a week isn’t a lot of money. IDK know why everybody thinks it cost so much to war dec a corp.

    My only complaint about getting dec’d is the “Why”. As a CEO, if I war dec somebody, you can be damn sure I will send a envoy to tell them just WTF they did to deserve it.


    listen to the Fly Reckless podcast

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