A Quiet Saturday With The Tuskers


I donned my FC hat again today and lead another Tuskers fleet out on a corporate operation. Ten Tuskers reported for duty and a pretty epic fight ensued. Read all about it at The Tuskers Public Relations.


3 Responses to “A Quiet Saturday With The Tuskers”

  1. 1 Ronan Jacques

    Wensley said “and a pretty epic fight ensued.”
    *read “and Wensley proceeded to preside over the biggest, wildest yet, massive loot-and-glory overload that ensued, and of all people Ronan Jacques wasn’t there! Everyone cried a little.” 😉
    Wensley may not have realised how mad he is that he finished his video before setting out on this op…in fact he may be very pleased he has such a stupid-rocking foundation for his next film…but Ronan is crazy pissed it’s not in there! (DLing btw)

    • It was indeed an utterly brilliant encounter. It keeps giving. Even Rylack has a new bounty. As for finishing the video, I’m actually pretty relieved. Don’t there won’t be a video of this encounter in the next couple of days.

  2. 3 Joc

    I gotta say, this was on par with destroying the same guy twice in a mission with two marauders 2 days apart, along with some of his friends (2nd time was also along with a mega and hurricane i believe). Days like this don’t come often enough.

    As always, thanks for running this op Wensley!!

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