Normal Service Is Resumed


After a relaxing week away from the front lines I’m back in Hevrice and ready to kick some arse. To make my return even more momentous I thought I’d mix up the ships I was flying so Monday night saw me cruising around Obray constellation in a Claw.

Pretty much as soon as I undocked there was a target in system. PreZiDent was already out in his Thorax hunting for a Catalyst running missions for the Caldari milita. The destroyer pilot was on the ball and the slow cruiser was unable to get a good lock on him. Hopefully the advanced electronic systems of my interceptor would change this around. After I’d chased him out of his deadspace complex a couple of times PreZ and I settled in on the acceleration gate to try and camp him down. If I could get a scramble on his warp engines he’d be unable to activate the gate and we’d have him pinned down. (For those who don’t already know acceleration gates use your warp drive not an anchored wormhole like stargates so you can’t use them when your warp drive is disrupted.)

The Catalyst warped in and I quickly got a lock and settled into a tight orbit. My afterburner and reduced signature radius should keep me safe from his railguns. He returned lock on me and fired. By heck that hurt. And another volley. Shit. He was blaster fitted. Time to quickly get out to a safe range. As my ship began to take structural damage I was finally able to get out to a relatively safe orbit. By now PreZ had got his lock and his additional firepower melted the Catalyst. That was far too close. I got out with 20% structural integrity remaining.

For a while things were pretty quiet. There wasn’t much to be seen in Hevrice so I hopped back into my customary Rifter and went for a roam. On the Aeschee gate in Adirain I spotted a Helios sitting uncloaked. Now frigates really aren’t designed to operate under gate guns but covert ops ships are extremely fragile. I approached him and once sitting right next to him aligned to a planet, locked, and fired. I had him down at about half armour before I had to warp off to the safety of a planet. Never mind. He stayed uncloaked but ran off to hide at a POS. Not long after I scanned down a second Helios, this time sitting uncloaked at the sun. Again I warped in but this time he was 100 km from me and was able to warp out before I could close the gap. He stayed uncloaked but not at any celestial I could find.

Meanwhile back in Hevrice a cluster of ships were being reported including a pair of Ishkurs and a Kitsune. After a bit of debate the decision was taken to engage and I undocked in my Hound. The plan was simple. PreZ’s Thorax would act as bait with the Hound and Joc’s Pilgrim cloaked and ready. Suffice to say the bait was taken and the covert ships uncloaked to spring the trap. The Kitsune focussed on Joc initially allow PreZ and I to pop the first Ishkur before I turned my attention to the Kitsune while the others got their drones on the second Ishkur. As I got my first volley off the Kitsune jammed me and I retreated from the field in order to break his jam. By the time I returned the second Ishkur was down and the Kitsune had fled with heavy armour damage from my cruise missiles. My Hound is going to be having its systems updated soon so it can warp cloaked and fit siege launchers to better engage battleships. I definitely want to experiment with these new capabilities in gangs soon.

That was all the action I saw that night. After the fight I docked up and headed to one of the station’s bars to catch up with some friends. Tuesday saw me back in space and back in a Rifter.

I was able to scan down a Rifter but as I warped to its location it warped in to the planet I was scanning from. Damn. It was an outlaw too. I turned my Rifter round as a Tristan landed in my belt but by the time I got back to my original location the Rifter was gone. Never mind, the Tristan was where I left it so I warped back to the belt. The pilot was a young cadet who had already made contact with us on our forums. Unfazed by the fact I was a seasoned combat pilot he began to make a beeline for my Rifter. I returned the favour while telling my navigation computer to settle into a nice wide orbit, well out of the range of his blasters. Pinned down by my tackle systems the Tristan didn’t stand a chance and I tore it apart. As the smoke cleared and his pod warped to safety the pilot hailed me over comms and we discussed the fight. He was keen to learn more so I introduced him to the rest of my corporation while I continued my hunt. A Rifter was on scan but when I warped to his location he was 100 km away and he warped off to the Adirain gate.

I like hunting in Adirain and this guy wasn’t going to shake me off. I warped to the gate and jumped through myself. I warped to my favourite safe spot and began scanning. As well as a background of mission runners I saw an Arbitrator and the Rifter bouncing between planets. After warping in on them a couple of times with the Rifter at 100 km and the Arbitrator at the warp in point I decided that I could probably split them up and engage. I headed for the Rifter which promptly warped off and the Arbitrator gave chase. Interesting. Maybe they weren’t together and the Arbitrator was hunting too. I taunted the Arbitrator a couple of times, orbiting it outside of its warp disruption range to get a measure of its speed and capabilities. Each time he warped off I followed. Eventually I saw him with drones out and seeing that he had Hobgoblins I decided to engage. I tucked into a nice orbit at 7,500 m to make sure I was safe from any small energy neutralisers that he might have. Without my capacitor I didn’t have a chance to dispose of the drones. With his ship scrambled the fight was on. I engaged his flight of Hobgoblin IIs using my web to slow down each one while my guns popped it. Without his drones I’d neutered his damage potential and closed in for the kill. He unleashed a pack of Hammerhead IIs but the medium drones had a hard time hitting me. His defences couldn’t cope with my onslaught and I was able to destroy the cruiser but his pod escaped.

Overall a nice bunch of fights to ease myself back in from my holidays and a nice bunch of ISK in my pocket from the loot. I hope you all had a good Easter. See you in space.

Oh, and Roc, watch out… I’m heading in your direction…


6 Responses to “Normal Service Is Resumed”

  1. What a return!
    Welcome back mate 😉

  2. 2 Vasavia

    Welcome back to New Eden, Wensley!

  3. Haven’t had the the company of a fine lady in a while so I look forward to seeing you soon, Wensley.

    • I’m so contracting him several thousand exotic dancers from my cold storage bin *just* for that statement.

      Be wary of the Wensley: I hear he runs FRAPs to record your failings in combat.

  4. 5 Arania Velkar

    Haha, good fight man, I was the one in the Arby! A corp mate linked me to this page. Hm, looking at my fit now it was kinda bad but I really wanted to get 4 E50’s so… Anyway, it’s a small world eh? I would love to talk about EVE PvP and such with someone this experienced, hit me up with a mail or a convo when you get the chance, I should be on ^_^.

  5. 6 Egrat

    Arania, you want to talk to any of us, hop on to: The Tuskers Public Channel for a chat

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