Public Relations


As a modern pirate corporation we here at The Tuskers are very aware about our public image. We’re lucky to have a couple of high profile bloggers on our roster especially our leader, Ka Jolo. This means that New Eden at large knows about our values and the code around which we base our lives. Being a Tusker is about blending individual flair with well co-ordinated teamwork all wrapped up in a sense of honour and pride.

Why on Earth am I rambling on like this? Well a Tusker by the name of Jonah Karr has helped us take our presence on GalNet a step further and formed The Tuskers Public Relations Department. Now all of our members can share their day to day lives and what it means to be a Tusker.

So if you’re keen to learn more about piracy, more about lowsec space, more about The Tuskers, or even just more about Eve in general then head over to our Public Relations office and subscribe to our newsletter.

Fly safe!

PS – Also check out the blogs of Jonah Karr and Castor Rom.


3 Responses to “Public Relations”

  1. WHEN is Ka Jolo gonna post again? I love his blog but it’s been idle a two months! Tell him Mynxee misses his great posts.

    Also, glad to see Caster Rom has found a happy home with you guys; he’s a cool guy and fun to fly with.

    A public relations blog is an excellent idea–another one added to my Google Reader. 🙂

    • I will do, Mynxee. He’s been dead busy lately. Joc and I do what we can to make running the corp easier for him but all that paperwork adds up.

      Drop by our channel some time and tell him yourself as well. I’m sure that would spur him into action.

      Castor’s a great guy. We’re glad to have him. I get to boss him around tonight 🙂

      • *Blushes* I’d give you both a giant squeezy hug 😉

        Wens, I like being bossed around, especially by you.

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