March in Review


Another month has passed here in Hevrice so its time for another wrap up. Yet again I can report my busiest month ever. 7,556 came to read my blog in March. That’s an average of 244 every day. Not too bad.

Blog Stats (March 2009)

March’s most popular posts were:

As always the Rifter guide is leading the way by a long margin. It brings in about a third of the total page views that I get each month. I’m really glad to see that its so popular. Its also noticeable that the Twitter Pack post gets a lot of attention. I honestly haven’t paid any more thought to it since I made that original post. Seeing as its so out of date I will definitely revisit it and bring the information there up to date.

Rifter Guide Stats (March 2009)

Surprisingly the most common referrer this month is not the Rifter guide thread but another thread on Eve Online about PvP with low skill points closely followed by another thread about assault frigate combat and a third about frigate combat (thanks to Spectre for the plug in that one). Posting in the Warfare and Combat section of the Eve Online forums seems to be a good way of drawing traffic to my site. Other noticeable sources of visitors are the Eve Bloggers portal and the various members of the Eve Blog Pack.

So what have I been up to? The two biggest stories in the last month have probably been the adventures of Rifter Fleet Issue and my recent road trip down to Providence where I managed to get The Tuskers set as “kill on sight” to the local alliances. In total I made 49 kills this month. Not a huge amount but not bad considering how quiet its felt.

Life in The Tuskers continues to be good. I’ve taken on a few more responsibilities in the corporation including running our Ventrilo server. If you want to come and talk to us then drop by The Tuskers Public Channel in game and our public Ventrilo details are there. We’ve lost a few members for a variety of reasons, including some old friends, but also gained some promising recruits. One of my regrets is that I haven’t been able to lead or attend as many corporate operations as I would have liked to. Work is currently underway on our latest corporate project and I’ll tell you more about it as soon as we’re ready to release it into the world.

I managed to ressurect the Eve Tools reviews that I’ve been doing and wrote about both Ceres and Eve Metrics. They were popular articles so I’ll keep them going.


One Response to “March in Review”

  1. Glad to see people are coming to read your stuff Wensley. Yours is definitely one of the best written and most interesting pirate blogs out there (and there are a retarded amount of them these days). I still point almost every newb pirate I meet to your Rifter guide and I have seen it referenced randomly in several places. Keep up the good work 🙂

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