Divine Intervention


Because The Tuskers had been set to kill on sight by CVA overnight I woke to find myself in a suddenly hostile environment. At the end of my roam I had docked up in H9-J8N. Its a back corner of Providence but my presence had caught the locals’ attention. I tried to undock only to find my station camped by a Broadsword and Stiletto. Moments later a Falcon undocked too and I fled back to the safety of the station. Looks like I was going nowhere. Never mind. I left my ship and had a wander around the station. Thankfully I could attend to my other business here without interruption.

Eventually I received a conversation request:

[ 2009.03.31 20:30:39 ] Lord Godness > hi
[ 2009.03.31 20:30:43 ] Wensley > hi there
[ 2009.03.31 20:30:49 ] Lord Godness > how r u
[ 2009.03.31 20:30:58 ] Wensley > pretty ace, ta. yourself?
[ 2009.03.31 20:31:06 ] Lord Godness > thx me too 🙂
[ 2009.03.31 20:31:33 ] Lord Godness > its my last day in provi and i want to have a good fight … interested on a 1 vs 1 ??
[ 2009.03.31 20:32:01 ] Lord Godness > i will talk to everyone that noone engages u
[ 2009.03.31 20:32:12 ] Wensley > hmmm….
[ 2009.03.31 20:32:14 ] Lord Godness > kill me and it is ok
[ 2009.03.31 20:32:23 ] Lord Godness > but please
[ 2009.03.31 20:32:24 ] Wensley > see, i don’t trust people that bring a falcon to fight a rifter…
[ 2009.03.31 20:32:27 ] Lord Godness > give me a good fight
[ 2009.03.31 20:36:15 ] Lord Godness > ok fudge is on station with a damnation
[ 2009.03.31 20:36:20 ] Lord Godness > he will not attack
[ 2009.03.31 20:36:27 ] Wensley > what are you in?
[ 2009.03.31 20:36:33 ] Lord Godness > zealot
[ 2009.03.31 20:36:41 ] Wensley > lets see… zealot vs rifter…
[ 2009.03.31 20:36:46 ] Lord Godness > lol
[ 2009.03.31 20:37:05 ] Wensley > looks like i’ll pass and go afk for a bit longer. thanks for the offer, though. good luck finding some fun 🙂
[ 2009.03.31 20:37:05 ] Lord Godness > hmmm if u want
[ 2009.03.31 20:37:18 ] Lord Godness > thx bud nice day

During this exchange he’d hailed the locals and asked them not to engage. I was still being cautious. Even if I was solo in something bigger than a Rifter I could be sure that he’d be getting gang boosts from the Damnation and I don’t think the other residents would have taken too kindly to my presence. I went back around my business.

[ 2009.03.31 20:48:08 ] Lord Godness > so my last day is this fucking sector and no fight
[ 2009.03.31 20:48:26 ] Lord Godness > u can go out of this system
[ 2009.03.31 20:48:32 ] Lord Godness > no one will engage u
[ 2009.03.31 20:48:42 ] Lord Godness > and if they do i will assist u
[ 2009.03.31 20:51:39 ] Lord Godness > a damnation and a hyperion is in front of the station
[ 2009.03.31 20:54:58 ] Wensley > very kind, sir

At the same time the following appeared in local:

[ 2009.03.31 20:44:09 ] Lord Godness > yes … i talked to him
[ 2009.03.31 20:44:13 ] Lord Godness > nice guy
[ 2009.03.31 20:44:23 ] Lord Godness > so pls let him go out of this system
[ 2009.03.31 20:55:23 ] Lord Godness > let him go
[ 2009.03.31 20:55:27 ] Lord Godness > go
[ 2009.03.31 20:55:43 ] Lord Godness > thx buds

Curious to see if the camp had dropped I undocked and sure to his word there was a Damnation, Hyperion, and Zealot on the station. Even if they had malicious intentions none of them had a chance of locking me so I made good my escape.

[ 2009.03.31 20:55:43 ] Lord Godness > thx buds
[ 2009.03.31 20:56:06 ] zama118 > hehe dont think i didnt try
[ 2009.03.31 20:56:22 ] Lord Godness > i gave him my word friend
[ 2009.03.31 20:56:37 ] zama118 > and i would of given him my ammo
[ 2009.03.31 20:56:51 ] Wensley > o7
[ 2009.03.31 20:56:57 ] Lord Godness > o/

In the next system I found a Drake ratting but in light of the hostiles baying for my blood I decided that prudence might be the better part of valour and kept moving. All the while I was chatting to my new friend in our private channel.

[ 2009.03.31 20:57:31 ] Wensley > it would be wrong to attack a drake in the next system over, right? 🙂
[ 2009.03.31 20:57:47 ] Lord Godness > do what u want
[ 2009.03.31 20:57:54 ] Lord Godness > but they want to catch u
[ 2009.03.31 20:58:06 ] Wensley > i know 🙂

And then a few systems later…

[ 2009.03.31 21:00:55 ] Lord Godness > they know ur position
[ 2009.03.31 21:01:31 ] Wensley > i just attacked an atron, that’s why 🙂
[ 2009.03.31 21:01:55 ] Lord Godness > lool
[ 2009.03.31 21:01:57 ] Lord Godness > good bud
[ 2009.03.31 21:02:08 ] Lord Godness > there r only noobs in this sector

Unfortunately for me the Atron jumped before I could finish it off. Still, it was useful to know that they were aware of my position. I could count on a reception committee waiting for me at some point.

In G7AQ-7 I eventually found it. My plan had been to head out of Providence into Catch through the D-GTMI system. I knew that the defence force knew my general direction. Following my usual protocol I warped to a celestial in G7AQ-7 to scan the FSW-3C gate before making my move. Waiting on the gate were a Crow, Drake, and Malediction. The Drake jumped through and I decided to pounce on the interceptors and see what happened.

I landed on the gate and the Malediction was right beside me. The Crow jumped as I landed, waiting for me on the other side I assumed. Never mind. One at a time. I locked and scrambled the Malediction and it began to melt under my guns. As it entered structure the gate flashed and I began to get ready to make my escape. The Malediction exploded and I was already hammering the warp command. But it was too late. The Crow and a Stiletto had me in their grasp and an Arbitrator and Pilgrim were hammering away at me with their drones. I overheated everything in one last, futile bid for freedom. As my ship exploded I gave my pod the instructions to get safe and it quickly did. Even though I lost my Rifter I was definitely ahead in the exchange so I didn’t mind in the slightest.

I bounced around a couple of safe spots before returning to investigate the gate. It was clear. Brilliant. I warped to it and jumped, crossing my fingers that the other side would be clear to. It was and I warped away to a moon to collect my thoughts. Being alone in a pod in null security space is a very dangerous business and I had to get myself a ship as soon as possible. The next system in line was D-GTMI and I would be able to find a station there.

My scan revealed that there were ships on the D-GTMI gate. Caution was advisable. Being an all or nothing kind of guy I hit the warp command and braced myself. As my pod slowed to sub light speeds I saw to my dismay that I was 42 km from the gate on the edge of a bubble. The hostile camp was moving toward me and I instantly hit the warp command and fled to a belt and then a safe spot. None of them were able to lock me and I made it out safely. I was lucky. They should have got me. I need to add bubbles to my scan overview.

[ 2009.03.31 21:13:52 ] EVE System > Channel changed to FSW-3C Local Channel
[ 2009.03.31 21:15:21 ] Societas Jesu > lucky little bugger
[ 2009.03.31 21:15:23 ] Societas Jesu > 🙂

This time I exercised caution and warped to an off-axis belt to scan the gate. It was clear and I warped in without getting caught by the bubble. Relieved to be alive I told Lord Godness what had happened and he laughed.

[ 2009.03.31 21:06:54 ] Wensley > mwah ha. they got me 🙂
[ 2009.03.31 21:07:42 ] Lord Godness > lol
[ 2009.03.31 21:08:00 ] Wensley > took out a malediction first 🙂
[ 2009.03.31 21:09:41 ] Lord Godness > hehehehehehe
[ 2009.03.31 21:11:49 ] Lord Godness > lol they hate me that i have u let alive 😀
[ 2009.03.31 21:12:21 ] Wensley > ha ha
[ 2009.03.31 21:12:31 ] Lord Godness > hehehehe
[ 2009.03.31 21:12:41 ] Lord Godness > smack talk with blues lol

The other side of the gate was clear and I docked in the D-GTMI station after a hairy few moments when my pod landed about 500 m short of the docking ramp. The ships assembled around the station locked me and their guns began to shred my pod’s armour. I docked before it lost structural integrity and breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the local market it would be possible to buy a Rifter but not to fit it in the manner that I was accustomed to. After quite a lot of deliberation I decided to go away and come back when things had calmed down on the undock ramp.

When I returned I saw that Adrinak, a former Tusker, was in the local channel. I hailed him through Tusker comms and we chatted about my predicament. Unfortunately he did not have the supplies that I needed to fit my Rifter so after a bit of consideration I decided to make a run for it in my insurance-issued Reaper. The undock ramp was clear and with some trepidation I jumped into F9E-KX. I was no longer in Providence and no longer under the watchful eye of CVA and their lackeys. I could breathe easily.

Not too easily, though. F9E-KX and the rest of Catch is under the control of Against All Authorities (-A-). They are a large, powerful alliance and several good friends now rank amongst their numbers. Thankfully two things were working in my favour. Most of -A-‘s fighting forces were in Delve and Querious helping KenZoku with the re-conquest of their fallen homelands. Secondly I used to live in this area already had a good collection of bookmarks to help me make my escape.

F9E-KX is just two jumps away from the notorious border system of HED-GP. This system is famous for almost always being bubble camped. If this was the case I’d have to look for another way out but I wouldn’t know until I got there. En route I passed a small fleet including interceptors also making their way towards the safety of Empire space. I don’t know if they tried to lock me but they at least hailed me as I decloaked and warped past them.

The gate at HED-GP was uncamped and I was able to safely jump out into Kerberz and the “safety” of high security space. Safety is relative and while I no longer had to worry about the capsuleers of 0.0 space, I needed to pay close attention to avoiding the forces of the Amarrian Imperial Navy. Moving through high security space is something I do regularly and as I write this I am safely docked up in the familiar CONCORD Logistic Support station in Agil. Now all that’s left is to get back to Hevrice and regale The Tuskers with stories of my victories, defeats, and close encounters.

Thanks so much to Lord Godness for helping me out and being such a good guy. I hope you find something more fun that being part of the Providence defence blob.

Fly safe!


3 Responses to “Divine Intervention”

  1. 1 Z

    I passed through HED just a few days ago into curse, I didn’t see a single camp through 8 jumps in null sec.

  2. Well I guess Prov was a good time for you! Er more or less…

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