Divine Retribution


2009.03.30 23:59

for your acts of piracy your corporation has been set Kill on Sight to CVA and the Providence community.
If you object, feel free to contact a CVA diplomat in the channel cva-diplo.


Well, it seems that the Providence community aren’t a fan of my exploits. The irony is that I’m not the first Tusker to visit them. Ronan and the others have done about 350,000,000 ISK damage and all I did was gank a couple of frigates.

Ronan Jaques wrote:
2009.03.31 03:12

The nerve! Avan zrex who8 and I blow away some 350million total,
Wensley shoots up a buncha frigs and we get a formal letter?!
well he must be doin something right, keep it up dude! =P

This should make getting out a bit more interesting. Until now I’ve been able to move around pretty freely. Bring on the blob!


One Response to “Divine Retribution”

  1. Excellent work! Nothing beats the feeling you get when every ship in local space is out to get you!

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