Divine Providence Part II


Seeing as Evati was technically deserted I considered going to Eifer to see what I could find there but the sight of Kane Rizzel lurking in the local intelligence channel made me think that might not be the wisest idea. Instead I turned my eyes south towards Providence.

The Curatores Veritatis Alliance controls Providence and polices the nearby low security space in the name of the Amarrian Empress. Unlike most other 0.0 alliances CVA have an open borders policy and follow a Not Red, Don’t Shoot (NRDS) policy. Unfortunately, thanks to the escapades of Ronan and Avan we are viewed as hostile by CVA and the other holders. Still, that shouldn’t be a problem. The local defence fleets are legandary for their unwieldy size, poor composition, and slow response times. In my speedy little frigate I should have no problem avoiding them and attract limited attention to my movements.

I programmed the co-ordinates of my chosen entry system, Assah, into the navicom and set out on my journey. Because of my outlaw status I had to take a long route passing through all four empires and including a little jump across a handful of high security systems with the faction police hot on my tail.

As I passed through Molden Heath I got my first taste of excitement. I found a Tristan and Punisher ratting together and, having checked the age of the pilots, decided that I could engage safely. I landed in the belt and decided that, with its web and potential for blasters, the Tristan was the most dangerous. I locked, scrammed, and destroyed him. What? That was easy. No time to worry about it. Next up was the Punisher which melted equally quickly. This wasn’t right. I locked the Punisher pilot’s pod and sent him back to the clone vat as a punishment for flying such badly fitted ships. A post-mortem examination showed that both ships were fit with speed tanks rather than the usual armour. No wonder they’d died so quickly. Oh well, they dropped good loot and that’s what I’m here for.

Moving on I noticed a Rupture and Arbitrator moving through similar systems to me and then later a second Arbitrator, a Zealot and a Purifier. Eventually I jumped into a camp consisting of one of the Abitrators, the Purifier, Rupture, and Zealot on the Bosena gate. I allowed the three cruisers to engage me before jumping out. This would give me time while their weapon systems cooled off. On the other side I saw the Purifier sitting uncloaked and blinking red on my overview.

It was too tasty a target to ignore so I fired up my afterburner and made a bee line for him with my guns glowing hot. He unleashed a volley and took away two thirds of my shields. A second volley ate into my armour and then I was upon him. My guns tore into him while my repair systems leapt into life. As his hull began to give way I was greeted by the ominous flash of gate activity and then the three cruisers popped up on my overview. I aligned for a planet and tried to squeeze the very last few rounds out of my guns before warping. It was too late. The Purifier exploded but the Arbitrator was disrupting my warp drives. I pushed all my systems to their limits, desperately trying to escape from their clutches but to no avail. I was unable to make it to warp and the three cruisers tore my Rifter to shreds. Still, a 7 million ISK frigate for a 40 million stealth bomber is a fair trade in my books. Its a shame they held the field, though.

Thankfully this all took place right next to the local trade hubs. Molden Heath is a bit of a backwater but I was able to assemble a new Rifter for a pretty reasonable price. I had to dodge the Minmatar police force but if there’s one thing I’m usually pretty good at its running away.

I didn’t find any more targets until I landed amongst the peaceful residents of Providence. At this point I discovered an odd feature of the autopilot where it doesn’t count 0.0 as low security space and my systems wanted to route me back out through my more usual grounds. This wasn’t what I wanted at all so I reprogrammed the system to find the quickest route. Right, I was ready to go. Let’s hope I don’t get killed too quickly. I’ve got implants in this clone.

My 0.0 training came back to me quickly. Thanks to Jenina, Splatter, and all the guys in Big Bang Quantum for teaching me so well. I jumped around systems making bookmarks and scanning the gates before moving on. I was only a few systems in when I found a Punisher and a Hurricane in a belt. Playing it safe I warped in at range and sure enough they were ratting. I bookmarked a wreck, warped out, and then warped back to the wreck. By now the Hurricane had left but I made for the Punisher and introduced it to my autocannons. While I was taking down the frigate the battlecruiser came back but left again before I could get close enough to pin it down. Never mind. I looted the wreck and left while the alarm was raised in the local communications channel.

CVA do a good job of defending their turf but their defence fleets aren’t a patch on CONCORD. Yet people still sit as happily in belts as if they were in the safety of a high security system. This is still null security space, guys, at least be ready for hostiles rather than crying out after the fact. A little bit of prudence can go a long way, you know. I’m not a pirate, I’m a teacher. You’re learning about the harsh realities of deep space.

Anyway, while the locals were jamming the comms channels in their alarm I took the opportunity to sneak away before any form of response could be organised. In the next system I found a Probe looting and salvaging wrecks. He didn’t stand a chance. I scooped the loot and headed back to the scene of my previous crime to find the locals still as disorganised as before. Their loss. I docked up at the station and dropped off my loot and then headed out to continue my roam. A cry of alarm went up as my ship was sighted outside the station. Not that it did them any good. It had taken them about 10 minutes to decide that I was in Rifter and even then the powers that be were asking for a killmail as proof. I nearly provided it myself as I warped away from the battleships clustered around the undock.

By now it was getting late so I moved on a few systems before powering my ship down in a safe location. My weapons systems had cooled and in less than a minute there’d be no sign of my vessel.

In one day I’d managed to loot approximately 25,000,000 ISK from my targets for the loss of a Rifter worth about 7,500,000 ISK. In total I did about 92,000,000 ISK damage. All in a day’s work. Now lets see what else I can find to shoot down here. I really want to nail some more ‘ceptors.


3 Responses to “Divine Providence Part II”

  1. If you find yourself around Molden Heath, and are in need of Rifter bits, don’t be afraid to hit me up. My corpmate flies them exclusively, so we have appropriate modules aplenty in our base in Egbinger.

    Btw, did you zip through highsec to get to Providence? I’ve been wanting to visit Amarr lowsec for some time now, but the shortest paths there from Molden Heath take me through Amarr highsec before depositing me again in lowsec. Since I prefer cruiser sized ships and larger, that doesn’t work too well.

    I figure I’ll take a page from a pirate I ran into and start probing for W-holes there.

    • I had to zip through about three hi sec systems. They’re only 0.5 or 0.6 so the navy aren’t particularly on the ball. I know people who’ve flown ‘canes through so its not a lost cause but obviously a bit risky. You could always carry some nanos for the travel aspect. I’m also informed that the navy only have a finite point count so warp core stabilisers also work.

      Thanks for the offer. Is there much that a frigate can take on in Molden Heath? I obviously did okay for myself but I might set up a forward base down there for a bit of variety at some point.

      • Ah, from past experience and what Raxip (corpmate) has been experiencing, no. Yes, there are fights, but you’d probably have better luck in Heimatar/Metropolis for quality frigate sized fights.

        However, if you venture into Great Wildlands, Foundati0n is an excellent foe to skirmish with. They’re extremely blobby, though they lean towards BS fleets vs any threat, so your frigate tactics would likely do a lot of damage. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try GW station systems for fights if Providence runs dry.

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