Divine Providence Part I


Its been a while since my last update, I know. This is partly because its still so damned quiet around here and partly because I’ve been a little bit under the weather this last week or so. Yesterday I managed to take a break from my other duties and got out for a good, long roam where I managed to chalk up plenty of kills.

The systems of Fensi and Ami in Kor Azor have become a popular hunting ground for The Tuskers. With Verge Vendor still practically deserted more and more of the guys are moving ships and clones out there to pass the time. I didn’t want to be left out so I saddled up a Rifter and headed for the promised land.

The journey itself was uneventful. So much so in fact that I took a detour to the EVE constellation to check out the New Eden system and sneak a peak at the EVE Gate. Its a very impressive sight indeed and worth a visit at some point in all pilot’s careers.

The EVE Gate

After such a quiet journey I was pleased when I scanned down a Thorax in Fensi. A quick scan showed me that he was using Hammerhead I drones so I had little to fear from this Gallente cruiser. All I needed to do was get in close so that I could orbit under his guns’ tracking and pick off the drones one at a time. The medium drones would have difficulty hitting my nimble little frigate. Sensing blood I hit the warp command and primed my weapons systems. As soon as my ship slowed to sub light speeds I set course to intercept the cruiser and began my targeting routines. The targeting computer signalled a lock and my tackle systems began pulsing gently giving me that feeling of calm that comes with combat.

The Thorax pilot was skilled in the art of drone combat and as I webbed and engaged each of his Hammerheads in turn he pulled them back in prolonging the engagement and stretching my ship’s capacitor as I pulsed my repair systems to stay on top of the damage that was creeping up on me. Eventually I had brought the drones down to a manageable number and could began to take control of the fight. Finally the last Hammerhead popped and I focussed my attention upon the cruiser itself. His armour didn’t last long and as his hull began to take damage I offered him a chance to ransom his ship. He laughed me off and I resumed fire. Just as his hull began to give way I received notification that his ship had self-destructed. What?! It seems that once the result of the fight was inevitable he had decided to deny me the glory of a kill and, more importantly, the spoils that go with it. Those few seconds I had ceased fire to offer the ransom had cost me the loot from his ship. Damn. Still, it was a good kill and a good fight.

After a couple of patrols of the local system I eventually found a ratting Punisher and extracted vengeance for the injustice that the Thorax pilot had done me. The golden frigate stop no chance as I unleashed the full force of my wrath into its hull. By now the numbers in the area were beginning to climb and the locals had started to show up. An outlaw Vagabond and Wolf pair made me decide that it was time to move on. But where to? No question, really: “Computer, set destination to Amamake.”

Once again the journey itself was pretty uneventful. Most of the systems I passed through were empty or only contained pilots docked in the safety of station. Eventually in Kurianinen I found a young member of the Minmatar milita storming an Amarrian facility. Now obviously I support my tribal brothers in the war against the slavers – my family were involved in the original uprising – but business is business and a true Minmatar pilot would easily be able to avoid the threat of a pirate. Unfortunately for this recruit it was going to be a difficult lesson as my guns locked on to the mining cruiser. There, I guess, was his first clue. What was he doing making offensive manoeuvres against a well-organised enemy in hostile territory? Well, I most certainly wasn’t going to let the Amarr see this disgrace to my race. I destroyed the cruiser while its pilot desperately shut down his systems in an attempt to escape his fate. Not just a fool but a coward too. Death was too good for him. He should be glad Colonel Weiler wasn’t around to see his behaviour.

I didn’t want to linger after the fight and resumed my journey without further incident. Once I arrived in Amamake I discovered that the militia fleets were flexing their muscles leaving little room for the small guys like me. I hung around for a while but no targets of opportunity presented themselves so I opted to move on and go look visit my friends The Bastards in Evati.

Once again I set out into the black and felt the joy of flying down the familiar spacelanes of Heimatar and Metropolis. I grew up around here. Not only as a child but as a pilot. This is where I matured into a combat specialist and, more importantly, fell in love with my favourite rust-covered frigate.

In Ezsur I landed on the exit gate to find a Crusader fighting an Angel patrol. Now the Angels are my brother pirates and I couldn’t leave them undefended. CONCORD were watching, though, so I locked the Crusader and approached to see if he’d engage me. He was cautious and tried to settle into an orbit around me but with my afterburner glowing I was faster than him. In order to encourage him I disengaged the ‘burner and let him get some range. As he moved out towards 5 km he got the confidence he needed and began to fire on me. Big mistake, buddy. I quickly scrambled and webbed him before firing up my afterburner again to get close. I got too close, in fact, and my barrage was having difficulty striking the tiny ship while his lasers were hitting me well. I began to move out to a wider orbit where I could hit him hard still while his lasers were unable to get more than glancing hits on my armour. He exploded and warped his pod away while I swept in to collect the loot.

Hello, hello. What was this. A Harbinger blueprint? My eyes lit up with ISK symbols as I carefully checked the object in question. Unfortunately it was only a copy and not an original so was worth a fraction of what it would have been otherwise. Still, it was a good haul. Fritzklein hailed me over the communications channel and asked if I would return the item in question. I paused and conferred with my corp mates before agreeing to a price of 3 million ISK. It might have been less than it was worth on the market but the convenience made up for it.

With the trade completed I was on my way once more only to arrive in a completely deserted Evati. Well, not deserted, but there were no Bastards in the system and no targets in space. Whatever was I going to do next?


10 Responses to “Divine Providence Part I”

  1. I REALLY need to update my blag with recent combat.

    Great writeup; I always shake my head at the amount of fun you find when piloting a frigate.

    • While I can fly bigger ships the Rifter is just such an immensely fun ship. Probably because I can do stupid stuff in it and not be cross at myself when I lose it. Plus people almost always underestimate its capabilities.

  2. Good picture! Could you get any closer?

    If so, would anything have happened?

    • Its not a warpable object so you have to burn towards it. If you look you can see I warped to a can that someone else had dropped. Its a pretty impressive sight. The image doesn’t show that it pulsates and rotates. I might try and upload the video that I took at some point too.

  3. @Wensley – While I disapprove of you killing a fellow Minmatar militia pilot, I do understand your point of view and why you did it.

    Now the question remains, do I reprimand the pilot for acting so dishonourably? Or do I hunt you down to discipline you some?

    Hmmm, maybe both.

    • Do come hunt me down. As long as you promise to do it in the Firetail 🙂

      Does the fact that I then went and took the fight to the Amarr loyalists count for anything? CVA got pretty angry at me.

      • @Wensley – I think you might find it unfair if I were to bring my Firetail. However, I have been playing with a few interesting Rifter setups. Maybe I will bring one of those and have a friendly go at you.

        And yes, it always counts when you kill Amarr, which is why I hold no real anger towards you.

        Out of curiousity, you should send me the pilot’s name you embarassed from our militia.

        • Its in the killmail but I believe that the cadet’s ident chip read “Casper Stone”.

          I’ve never fought a Firetail but would happily settle for a Rifter 🙂

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