Divine Inspiration


While I was down in Providence I was chatting to the guys from my old alliance about what I was up to. As friends of Against All Authorities at the time we had a few brushes with CVA and Providence Holder forces in and around Catch so they were pleased to hear about my achievements.

While we were chatting Ess (the donor behind 99 Problems) pointed me in the direction of this video on the Eve Online forums. Unable to access his main account a member of Quam Singulari had created a trial account and set out to see how much damage he and a friend could cause in two day old Rifters. The answer was that they could do quite an impressive amount.

Now you might have noticed that I’m a bit of a frigate addict. This video has given me an idea for my Easter holiday. I’m not going to be able to get out and do much piracy with Wensley so I might go and see if one of his new friends can go and cause some trouble in Providence. Using a Rifter would be kind of cheating because I know the ship so well. Watch out for my Punisher of Doom, coming to a carebear paradise near you soon. Of course I’ll be filming it and I’m pretty sure that there’ll be a guest post on here about the experiment in the next couple of weeks.


One Response to “Divine Inspiration”

  1. 1 Z

    Heh, I might not be a tusker anymore but I’m always up for some noob griefing. Holla at me next time you go, I’d love to join ya.

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