Eve Tools: Ceres


Ceres |ˈsi(ə)rēz| |ˈsɪriz| |ˈsɪəriːz|

  1. Roman Mythology the goddess of grain and agriculture. Greek equivalent Demeter.
  2. Astronomy the first asteroid to be discovered, found by G. Piazzi of Palermo in 1801. It is also the largest, with a diameter of 567 miles (913 km).

— The New Oxford American Dictionary

Ceres is an EVEMon clone for Mac OS X. At the moment it is very much still under development but it is already stable and very useable. I now use it all the time to monitor my accounts.

When you first Ceres you are presented with the Character Preferences window. From here you can add characters to monitor and change options such as how skills are displayed and whether or not to show Ceres information in the OS X menu bar.

Ceres Character Preferences Window

Once you’ve added your characters they appear in the main Ceres window with summary information about the current skill that they are training and when it finishes. You can also see the Eve server status. The display is simple and elegant.

Ceres Main Window

To keep an eye on when you next need to change skills, or whether you need to add something new to the in-game skill queue you can enable the menu bar display. This adds an item to OS X’s menu bar that tells you when the next skill finishes. Clicking on it displays a menu that also shows you when all the currently training skills finish.

Ceres OS X Menu Bar Item

The final feature that Ceres sports at the moment is a character information screen very much like the one that EVEMon gives you. You get all the basic information such as wallet contents, skill point totals, character attributes, and rate of training. As well as this you get the standard breakdown of skills and the level that they’ve been trained to.

Ceres Character Information Screen

At the moment there is no skill planning feature. I would assume that future versions will begin to see this functionality added. To me this isn’t a real problem, though. I know the skills that I want to train over the next few months so I can just schedule the next one as each current skill finishes. For longer skill plans and new players this is probably more of an issue. It also doesn’t allow for hypothetical skill plans when considering new ships.

Still, with EVEMon being Windows only this is definitely better than nothing. Its definitely worth keeping an eye on it to see where future versions take it.


2 Responses to “Eve Tools: Ceres”

  1. Curious if you know of any similar developments under Linux?

    • I know there’s EVEMono but I haven’t been able to get it to do anything worthwhile on the Mac. That might be just because I know sod all about using Mono.

      Try looking here and here. If you have any joy let me know because I’d quite like to have another try at getting it running on my Mac.

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