Low Security Market Hubs


Recently there’s been a guy called Escoce hanging around Hevrice and in our public channel. What’s he doing there? Well, it turns out that he’s a man with a plan. He wants to turn Hevrice into a major lowsec market hub. I’ve been chatting to him for a while and he seems like a good guy.

So why am I telling you guys this? Well I think he’s onto a good idea. There’s a whole bunch of us based out of Hevrice these days and we all lose ships. Although we have good arrangements for getting goods to and from the high security hubs it can be pretty time consuming. Of course, there’s a plus side to it for us too. As well as the background ISK farming traffic there will be high value goods coming into system for us to loot and ransom. Plus we can also make a tidy profit by selling free passes to traders. Finally a good market will bring more people into the area and mean that there are more ratters and mission runners for us to kill.

I’m going to be keeping an eye on things to see how Operation Hevrice goes. I’d love to see our little corner of space become a bustling low security metropolis. Buying and selling from within the comfort of our headquarters is far preferable to long AFK hauler trips. In fact, I might even try a little bit of speculation myself. After all, I know exactly which modules we need.


6 Responses to “Low Security Market Hubs”

  1. 1 Karox Lominax

    I quite like the idea of setting up lowsec hubs, but ultimately, I wonder how much people would be willing to pay for the privelege.

    Firstly, theres the risk factor involved, a big lumbering ship getting to a place to sell a decent set of wares is a nice target. If passes were offered for sale that cost would have to be figured into sale price which isnt necessary for highsec sales… so everything is going to be more expensive (I know it is now, but the amount of stuff sold in lowsec is minescule and mainly people trying to profiteer on those too lazy to fly back on an alt)

    If it eventually works out a lot cheaper to do the ‘highsec trip on an alt afk’ then will people continue with buying stuff in lowsec ?

    What would be ideal is if people can set up a mini production site selling a few select mods and ships in lowsec, and then set up a self sustaining little empire (buying loot or reprocessed goods/minerals, processing them and selling on the new stuff made from it so theres no ‘hauling massive loads of cargo around’) it would be really good – I just dont think theres enough people mining in lowsec to allow for enough mineral supply to maintain a major trade area in itself.

    • You’re right about all the potential stalling points. Its never going to be a massive market hub but the market in Verge Vendor is pretty poor anyway and it does have the advantage of having a focussed target audience. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on things and if I can get things for a good price I will. One thing I have noticed is that there are good mineral buy orders now which means that when I melt down loot I can now get good prices for the minerals without having to haul them around.

  2. I think you pointed out the greatest flounder without really directly pointing at it. Say his plan does work. Say Hevrice does become a major market hub and suddenly you got traders bringing in wares, willing to pay the passage fee or whatever, padding your hangers with goodies while padding their wallets with isk. Eventually, more pirates are going to hear of this of course and soon, the place becomes flooded with pirates to the point of where traders determine the risk is too great, the rewards too little and they go elsewhere. It’s the inherent downfall of lowsec space and the reason why lowsec is so limited in traffic. It’s why serious trade hubs in lowsec is for the most part unheard of. TBH, this guy would have a better opportunity, and perhaps more profitable, to work out some deal with you and your corp and perhaps whatever other corporations are operating in that area by becoming your main supplier. Doing all the legwork for you so you can spend more time making pretty explosions.

    (sorry, can be a bit long winded at times)

  3. Attracting bigger fish to our pond is a definite risk. If it went on to be incredibly successful there’s nothing to stop Hevrice from becoming the next Amamake or Old Man Star. Well, nothing other than the lack of good agents in system but there’s plenty near by.

  4. 5 Bel Amar

    The chance of me paying a pirate to let me haul when 20 other pirates who won’t honour the pass will still jump me? Not high. And the more popular the place gets, the more likely that the 20 pirates ganking me despite my pass becomes 50 pirates ganking me despite my pass.

    Even if I’m not worried about the kill as anything more than a loss of goods, I have still lost a shipment of goods, and the lost profit there has to be made up somewhere else if it’s going to be worth my time. So the margin on my goods goes up, and eventually reaches a tipping point where pirates go “screw that” and just fly their alts in to high sec.

  5. My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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