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Its been quite a long time since I did an Eve tools review and seeing as the last one went down so well I thought it might be time to do another.

EVE Metrics is a web site similar to the more popular Eve Central. What makes it different and, for me, better is that it has more advanced data analysis tools and the ability to create a market quickbar like you can in the game itself.

When you first land at the site you are given the simple option of searching the market for whatever you want. Helpfully the search box uses AJAX to help you find what it is that you’re looking for quickly and easily.

EVE Metrics Home Page

The item search results are particularly helpful. Rather than just providing a basic summary of the buy and sell orders from around the cluster EVE Metrics gives a nice, succinct, overview of the current market conditions. You get the best buy and sell orders available and the station that they are available in. As well as this there’s the global average buy and sell prices and the average buy and sell prices in Jita. Seeing as Jita is pretty much the centre of the trading universe this is very useful.

Beyond the buy and sell order information you also get average, maximum, and minimum prices based on Eve’s own data. Interestingly you also get the total movement over the last week. This data seems a bit sketchy at them moment so I think it might be fairly beta but the volume is definitely useful.

EVE Metrics 200mm AutoCannon II Statistics

If you register with the site you can create a list of favourite items and also limit the search results to the region in which you live. For Verge Vendor this doesn’t seem to be very useful but that’s not surprising seeing as we don’t have much trade around here. If you trade out of Amarr, Rens, or another major hub this could prove to be very useful.

EVE Metrics Favourite Items

Overall I found the site really easy to use and really useful. It lets me keep an eye on the prices of my most used modules and, should I want to, limit it to my home region. Probably the main downside is that because its a new site it has fewer contributors than Eve Central. There’s also no upload tool for OS X so I can’t contribute my own market data.

I’ll definitely be using this rather than Eve Central in the future.


5 Responses to “Eve Tools: EVE Metrics”

  1. 1 Dealema


    After a quick read of your post, it seems to me you didn’t mention the most uber-awsome feature of EvE Metrics (at least from a traders point of view):

    it includes a tool that automatically uploads any market data you view while playing EVE. It does this by “scraping” the cache files that EVE uses when you view the market details for anything. No fuss, no muss, just automatic feeds of data.

    There is also security that prevents false market data from entering the database and some extremely useful reporting and statistic tools. In the future, they plan on having an API for developers to use.

    Making it easier for more people to use and the data more reliable (than EveCentral)


    • Ah, I couldn’t test that out because there’s no Mac version of the software. That’s an awesome, feature, though. I’ll continue to play with it and see what else I can find out.

  2. We’re working on getting a Mac version of the software done and made available for Mac users, but it’s slow going so far.

    Glad to hear you like the site- I’m always adding more to it, and the amount of data is growing rapidly. The maps section has been getting some TLC recently to provide wormhole data and anomaly information for w-space, but there’s some nice features planned for the market section which will tie into the EVE API to give traders information on their orders, competitors and so on. If my to-do whiteboard is anything to go by, I think regional comparisons is the next thing to get implemented…

    That said I’m working on another project which should help make life much easier for API app developers and users wanting to use API-driven websites which EVE Metrics will tie into; I’ll probably have more on that over at my blog in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled over there if you’re interested 😉

    • Hey Ix, glad to see you found my review. I’ve been playing with the site some more and having a little fiddle with the API. It just keeps growing on me. Top work. I’m already following your blog so I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

      API tie-in would be fantastic. It sounds like you’ve got some pretty awesome plans for this. If you need anyone to do some beta testing for the Mac uploader then let me know. I’d be happy to lend a hand.

      Just out of interest… I was also having a little play with mmmetrics.co.uk. We do some pretty heavy corp vetting so a good tool for that would be much appreciated. What does the premium version give us? The main thing we look for is suspicious wallet entries.

      • Hey again,

        mmmetrics.co.uk should really redirect to http://accview.mmmetrics.co.uk – the mmmetrics website’s a work-in-progress and will be up soonish, so it just shows accVIEW for now. The premium version gets you wallet journal analysis tools (There’s a ‘Suspicious Wallet Entries’ button!) and kill lists, plus your corp can use the API built into accVIEW for driving corp-internal applications.

        My main project at the moment is doing some clever stuff which will be the basis for the API side of EVE Metrics – essentially an OpenID provider that integrates with the EVE API. If you saw Gatecamper when it was around you’ll get the idea- it provides a transparent API proxy, granular per-site API security, and all the simplicity of integration and use that OpenID brings with it. I might even look at pulling in OAuth support for desktop clients, too. It’ll be providing Single-sign-on for EVE Metrics, ISKsense and future projects of mine, but it’s got a lot of interest from developers for integrating into other applications as a sign-on and API key management solution. Saves adding n API keys to every site you want to use, which can be boring with multiple accounts…

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