There’s No Place Like Home


My holiday in Heimatar has been good to me. I’ve found plenty of action and that’s all that a pirate can ask for, really. This time I didn’t necessarily come out on top, though.

I started the evening with a cruise down to Eifer. The journey was cut short when I was engaged at a gate by members of GiS. They’re the local antipirates and the current bane of The Bastard’s existence. A Hurricane and Crusader engaged me on the gate and rather than employing common sense and getting to safety I somehow ended up returning their aggression leaving them free to destroy my Rifter. That was a stupid loss and one that could easily have been avoided. I was trying to separate the pair but failed abysmally.

Oh well, this time it was off to Hek to fit up a new Rifter and then back out into the black of space. This time the journey was uneventful and I spent a good period of time in Eifer chatting to Jorge Belda and a couple of guys from Mean Corp. No kills were had but no losses. With four pirates in system and plenty of chat about buccaneering, inter-corp politics, and rum it was unsurprising that no-one hung around long enough for us to kill them. I tried baiting my fellow pirates but they were having none of it. Eventually I gave up and headed back to Gusandall to grab some dinner.

After dinner it was back to Eifer. Again there were no targets but there was another pirate in a Malediction. Once again I played the bait game and this time it paid off. The Amarrian interceptor swept towards me and I activated my tackle systems ready to pounce. With the warp streamers still clinging to the sides of the golden hull my targeting computer resolved the lock and I opened fire. The Malediction returned the favour. It was a close fight but I was maintaining the upper hand, just. As he started to take serious hull damage my opponent turned and fled. His afterburner was unaffected by my warp scrambler and his own web allowed him to get away before I could strike the killer blow. Still, it was a good fight.

It was obvious that there wasn’t going to be much action around Eifer while it was full of pirates so I decided to head back towards Amamake. This was when my evening got interesting. As I moved back towards Amamake I became involved in a series of running engagements with GiS and friends. In Evati I managed to dodge an Incursus supported by a pair of Rifters and then a few systems further on I tormented a Rupture by orbiting under its guns but was afraid to return fire because I knew he had support. Once he was joined by an Incursus and Arbitrator I promptly bailed. Further on I had a series of encounters with a Condor and Atron that were dead set on tackling me. Eventually I was able to separate the Condor in Ardar and gank it to avenge my earlier loss. While in Ardar I found a Rifter that warped away from me to a planet. I followed it and quickly destroyed it, scooping a good amount of loot in the process.

At this point I was getting a bit cocky. GiS seemed to have left me alone and there was a pair of Rifters in system that were plenty young enough for me to be able to take on both at once. It wasn’t them that I engaged next, though. I found a Stabber in a belt and warped in. When I landed I saw that it was a pirate and that he was 100 km from the central warp in point. Not to be deterred I began to burn towards him. Now to beat a Stabber in a Rifter you need to get in close and shut down its microwarp drive. Otherwise it can keep range and rip you to shreds which is exactly what happened to me. The moral of this story? Don’t engage a PvP Stabber in a Rifter unless you can get a good drop on it. You can see the damage from the skirmishes I had with GiS on the killmail too.

Once again back to Amamake to refit and head out again. I was able to assemble a fitting from the loot that I had in station for the most part but in order to get a ship I’d have to head out to Dal and nip past the sentry guns with my criminal timer. No problem. Unfortunately for me, Dal was full of an Amarr militia fleet and a handful of them had decided to camp the station. When I undocked I was promptly tackled my a Taranis before I could get away and the station guns did the rest. To add insult to injury they snagged my pod too. Thankfully it was an implant-free clone so all I lost was the cost of upgrading my clone once I woke up in Costolle.

So that was my roam in Heimatar and Metropolis finished for now. It was good fun while it lasted and I was able to use up a few ships that I had mothballed out there. No great loss. While I was sorting out the paperwork associated with a new clone I got a call from Antilles. He had a missioning Drake tackled in Hevrice. As fast as I could I undocked my Reaper and tore through warp space to get there before the kill was over. I landed at the scene of the battle to see the Drake taking armour damage. Frustrated by the Amarrian militias interference I had anger to vent and my civilian autocannon tore into the formidable battlecruiser’s armour. Well, I say tore. It probably made a few mild dents. Still, I felt better about myself afterwards and that’s what counts.

Seeing as I was back home I headed to the clone bay and asked the technicians to transfer me back to my main clone. I closed my eyes and then moments later opened them in Old Man Star. Grabbing a couple of pain killers on the way I sauntered down to the observation deck. Before me lay the familiar planets and belts of my favourite system. Holidays are good but this is home.


One Response to “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Great post, Wens! Sounds like a busy “working vacation” so to speak. We are more the bane of GIS these days, considering our efficiency against them vs. them against us. But they are starting to fly more T1 frigs, so the fights are not only more fun but less dramatic usually. As long as they don’t uncloak their Falcons.

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