Heimatar Is Where The Heart Is


Clone jumping is an odd experience. You’re effectively committing suicide only to wake up in a body tens of light years from where you started out. Still, it was worth it. Hevrice and the rest of Verge Vendor had been dead for weeks so the rusty Pator Tech School station in Amamake was a welcome change of scenery.

Within seconds of undocking in one of the Rifters that I had lying around I got my first fight. A Stabber was hanging around outside the station so I quickly targeted him and settled into a tight orbit. Hopefully he’d take the bait and shoot me. Until then it was a waiting game. My luck was in and he locked me back and opened fire with his autocannons. He was no match for my nimble little frigate and my guns ate their way through his shield, armour, and hull before destroying the Minmatar cruiser. This was more like it.

Scanning around Amamake revealed no more targets of opportunity so I proceed to set my navigation computer for Gusandall where I had another stash of fittings and ammo. In Dal I found a Punisher sitting on a gate and followed the same procedure. Again he returned fire and I began to chip away at his impressive defences. It took a while but the Amarrian frigate eventually exploded giving me the second kill of my road trip. Things were already looking up!

At this point Avan Sercedos had made the run up from Amamake to join me. We continued down the pipe towards Gusandall looking for targets as we went. Eventually we found an Incursus in a belt and melted it in short order. While waiting down our timers a Harpy landed in the belt. After a moment’s pause I gave the order to engage and loaded my guns with RF EMP ammunition. What a mistake. I got right in close before I remembered that the Harpy was a blaster boat but it was too late. Rounds of antimatter were already crashing into my hull and my Rifter died shortly followed by Avan’s.

Back to Amamake to refit and then down the pipe again. This time I found a Rifter and Incursus on the gate. For a third time I tried my baiting trick with the Rifter as my primary target. Unfortunately it seems I picked the wrong one and the Incursus was more than capable of tearing through me while I failed to break through the Rifter’s tank. If I’d picked the Incursus first this fight might have gone the other way but probably not. Two against one is always going to be a challenge if the pilots are capable and fit with T2 like these guys were.

The next day saw another return trip to Amamake and another Rifter. This is my last one in Amamake. As I undocked I was greated by an outlaw Claw piloted by a member of Eve videographer Kil2’s Club Bear corporation. Brilliant. I closed in to engage and let rip into the fragile inteceptor’s hull. Using my scrambler, web, and afterburner I was able to keep the Claw pinned down at range and beat into its flimsy defences with my favourite Barrage ammunition. At the same time the ‘ceptor was doing little damage to me and I easily destroyed it and scooped a good pile of loot.

Scanning around Amamake I found little to kill until I spied a Rupture and Stiletto in a belt. I warped in at range to see if I could lure the interceptor away. As predicted he began to burn towards me so I purposefully aligned to an obvious planet and warped once he had time to see my alignment. As I landed I cycled up my guns and overloaded my tackle gear in anticipation. The Stiletto landed on top of me and was quickly scrambled and webbed. He briefly escaped my scramble range but I was able to get him back and shut down his microwarp drive permanently. My overloaded guns were making slow progress against his obviously reinforced shields. The heat damage was building up and I failed to notice the burning smell as the ‘ceptor started to take hull damage. Moments later my guns shut down and I was unable to return fire. Time to leave. I picked a celestial and aligned. Overloading my web, scrambler, and afterburner I made a run for it and was able to get enough distance to warp away with my ship intact. It was a shame that I failed to get the kill but at least I kept my Rifter. I should probably study the mechanics of overloading a bit more thoroughly. That or just pay attention to the amount of heat damage building up in my weapons.

I’ve had a good couple of days out here in Amamake so I’ll probably hang around for a while longer. There’s a good market here so I should be able to afford to fit up a couple of ships should I lose this one.


4 Responses to “Heimatar Is Where The Heart Is”

  1. Nice work!

    I just left the Heimatar region when I moved corps. Seems like I’m missing out on the fun. Old Man Star is fairly empty, with only blobs. No fun for us solo’ers.

  2. Heimatar is indeed where the heart is. Don’t forget to support your local low-sec market there….

  3. What time are you usually online Wensley? We could rock that place together.

  4. Uh-oh – I’ve already seen Nursultan around my Heimatar stomping grounds, and Kane “The Rifter God” Rizzel dropped by yesterday, and now you join them. There will be nothing left for me! 😉

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