Chasing My Own Shadow


It seems Nursultan is having the fun. Around here its still dead as a doornail. Despite spending nearly an hour running around Old Man Star all I managed to do was land in belts just as the frigate (Condor, Incursus, and Rifter) I was chasing warped out. I might as well have spent the time chasing my own shadow. Its just not fair.

Oh well, at least I managed to prove my prowess at piracy by popping a Velator. (Yes, I did get carried away with the alliteration there. So sue me.)

There’s only one thing for it… time for a road trip!


7 Responses to “Chasing My Own Shadow”

  1. At least you ended the day alive. I got into two fights yesterday where both ended with my opponents in structure and me dead. There is always an upside 😛

  2. Apparently, living in the “armpit of the Universe” has its benefits. Thanks for the link!

  3. Verge Vendor / Essence / Placid has been entirely dead for the past few days indeed. I am considering a change of scenery.

    • Come on up to Black Rise/Lonetrek and say hello. I haven’t gone a single roam in the past few days that didn’t wind up with at least a couple kills (and a couple losses).

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