Rudely Interrupted


For some reason it took me longer than most to download and install the new Aura interface and protocols. Damned Minmatar engineering. It always has to be different. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yesterday I was finally able to get out again and took some time getting used to the enhanced camera drones I can now use. It doesn’t half look better out there with the latest technologies at my disposal. Its a shame that lots of my settings need to be rejigged before I’m fully combat-ready.

I was able to take out 99 Problems and kill a Thorax in her with Joc. She really is a powerful ship and as my confidence grows I hope we’ll have lots of adventures together.

The highlight of the evening, though, was when I found a lone Myrmidon sitting on a gate in Lisbaetanne. Despite there being lots of hostiles in the system I decided to see if I could goad him into engaging me. I broke my gate cloak and settled into a 30 km orbit around the Gallente battlecruiser. He locked me but showed no sign of opening fire. I close to a 15 km orbit that left me comfortably in range of his warp disruptor but out of range of his statsis webifier, even if he could overload it. This time he launched drones – a Hobgoblin, two Hammerheads, and a pair of Ogres. He was definitely eager so I closed again to 10 km and then again to 7.5 clicks. Once I was inside his web range he pounced. I quickly began taking his drones down while I moved my ship back out to a 15 km orbit so I could avoid their fire. With the Hobgoblin and Hammerheads down I got in tight and began to work away at his shields.

By now he had an Ogre and a pair of Garde sentry drones out. They were doing me slight damage but I was easily able to stay on top of it and evade his guns despite being webbed. His shields eventually failed and I began to work on his armour. In order to try and make better progress I swapped over to Hail ammunition. It has much greater damage but its sheer weight limits my guns’ tracking and range. Against big, slow targets it should be perfect, though.

No sooner had I done this then a Claw dropped out of warp and moved to engage. This was where I started to make mistakes. My first instinct was to head to the gate and try and survive long enough to jump out. Doing this suddenly dropped my transversal relative to the Myrmidon and her guns began to hit me hard. At the same time I swapped charges in my guns hoping to take down the Claw. By the time I’d waited for my technicians to make the change it was too late and, although I managed to get the Claw down into its armour, I exploded under their combined firepower.

While I was away getting 99 Problems to come back and teach him a lesson it appears that a gank squad came in support of the Claw and did my dirty work for me. Despite not getting the kill I take pride in the fact that my little frigate came second on the list of damage dealers despite them bringing a squadron of battleships and command ships.

So what did I learn from this fight? Once again I’ve come to the decision that I don’t think Hail really has a place in my armoury. At least not when solo. It has no flexibility at all. If I’d loaded Republic Fleet EMP instead then I would have been able to turn my fire onto the Claw without having to reload. Also, although I got my webs on him, I failed to put my scrambler onto the interceptor until it was too late. If I’d done that then his speed would have dropped and I’d have been able to put more damage onto him. Finally, my decision to run to the gate was fatal. I should have stayed in orbit around the Myrmidon and dealt with the Claw as it approached me. The CONCORD lossmail shows that the Myrmidon did most of the damage to me and I should have continued to treat it as the greatest threat.

Oh, and if you want to see how the fight went down rather than just read about it, then guess what? That’s right, I filmed it.

If you want to see it in better quality (and with better music) then check it out on EveTube.


7 Responses to “Rudely Interrupted”

  1. The scrambler changes really whacked things out when it comes to fleeing from fights as a friggy. Before you would always have a MWD and toggling it and losing your transversal wasn’t a big deal considering how much speed you suddenly gained and how fast you got out of range. With a lot of frigs fitting AB’s and MWD’s getting scrammed off, it almost never pays now to even try to flee from a close fight. Better to go down swinging then to lose your transversal and suddenly start taking 5x the damage trying to get away. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday in an Enyo where if I had just stuck around and DPS’d the ship instead of attacking his drones and trying to flee partway through, I would have probably won.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

    • Oh and P.S. The video won’t play: “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

      • Ah yes. Thanks for that. Stupid YouTube vetoed my music and made it private so I had to put on some royalty free music and forgot to make it public again. Should work as advertised now.

        EveTube is better anyway but I can’t embed it into WordPress.

    • Ah the joys of hindsight. Mind you, that’s why I like writing this blog and capturing fights on video. It gives me a chance to analyse what I did and learn from my mistakes far more than casual killboard comments would.

      You’re right about the difference between burning away with an afterburner compared to an MWD. I think the big mistake is trying to run away in a straight line. You need to disengage in a spiral path, the exact opposite to how you should approach a target. The web changes have made disengaging from close range easier, though. A 90% web basically locked you into the fight and gave you no option for getting out. In the early parts of this fight I was able to dip into web range to get him to engage and then drop out to do drone control before heading back in to scram him and settle in for the kill.

  2. 5 Thorvik

    Great Vid. Great music. Sry you didn’t get the Myrm but you are right, you should have kept the focus on the Myrm until the claw got closer. You may still have popped but as Spectre said this is 20/20 hindsight in action

    • Yeah, there is no guarantee that I’d have survived. Especially if that gank squad was on its way. If you watch the video carefully you can see one of the hostile pilots warp in in an Arazu and then cloak up.

      My main frustration was still having to change ammunition types to fight the Claw. I think I’m just going to stop carrying Hail so I don’t get into these situations. It was doubly the death of me because looking at the description of Hail S it reduces capacitor recharge so my active tank buckled quickly. Without Hail I’d probably been able to get off that last rep cycle which might have saved my life.

      So, in summary, I think 20/20 is an understatement. Its more like rose-tinted glasses. Oh well πŸ™‚

      PS – Loving the fact I can now have comment discussions properly.

  3. Great stuff, don’t like party poopers either πŸ™‚

    Keep recording these fights!

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