I’ve Got 99 Problems But BoB Ain’t One


There’s not been much to report over the last week, things have been pretty quiet in Hevrice. I’ve managed to lose a succession of Rifters in fairly silly ways and managed to avenge one of them but that’s been about it. That’ll teach me about baiting people under the watchful eye of sentry guns.

The really good news is that the latest addition to my fleet has finally completed its journey down from Jita and after a nerve-wracking period of fitting and final calibrations 99 Problems But BoB Ain’t One undocked into the night sky above Hevrice V. She’s a Minmatar Stabber Fleet Issue and, man, is she an impressive piece of kit. As she slipped out of the undock ramp her class shone for all to see. While she handles like the frigates I’m used to flying her firepower cannot be denied. The finest engineers in the Republic have tuned her autocannon systems and the result is that a highly skilled pilot can rain death upon his victims and track even the smallest of targets. She is a joy to pilot.

So why the name? Well, she was a gift from a friend who now flies in GoonFleet. Seeing as he stumped up the ISK that allowed me to buy her it seems only fair that he gets to name her. The condition of her purchase was that I film her life and, most importantly, death for all to see. Lets hope that she gets some good fights!

Within minutes of undocking for the first time she already had a victim in her targets. A Vexor was ratting in Hevrice and our skirmishing tacklers were having difficulty pinning him to a belt. As they scanned through the planets I warped out to the furthest celestial and carefully watching my scanner. Out here there was just a trio of planet, belt, and gate so if he appeared on my scan I knew exactly where he was. Moments later he did indeed appear and I engaged my warp drive. As I dropped out of warp it was clear that he had only just arrived in the belt and I landed on top of him. I quickly fired up my tackle systems and powered up my microwarp drive aiming to get out of his blasters range. He returned my lock and was able to scramble my warp drives, shutting down my microwarp drive in the process, but it wasn’t enough and I drifted out of his effective range to where I could pick him off from safety. I called in the rest of my gang and turned my attention to destroying the Vexor. My ECM drones were doing their job while his own drones were doing me so little damage I was able to ignore them and focus my fire on the cruiser. By the time my support arrived he was already well below half armour and his ship exploded shortly afterwards.

So 99 Problems‘ first combat wasn’t particularly strenuous but it gave me a real feeling for the ship. I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship…


5 Responses to “I’ve Got 99 Problems But BoB Ain’t One”

  1. That’s lovely, looking forward to “Wensley’s Stabber Guide”.

    • I have to keep some things to myself, you know. Did you not notice the lack of tactical analysis in my fight report πŸ™‚

  2. 4 Thorvik

    Moar tactical info! I won’ts use it against Wensley preccciousssss… but mebbe ebil Nursultan. πŸ™‚

  3. Also, gogo hiphop quotes!

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