Video Goodness: Frigank 5 and SEVEN


Today sees the release of two Eve videos that its definitely worth taking the time to watch.

Frigank 5 sees Prometheus Exenthal back in Amamake but this time in some new ships. As well as his usual repertoire of frigates you’ll also see him in a Keres electronic attack ship and the Coercer and Thrasher destroyers. Well worth a watch if you’re a fan of frigate combat. Plus it looks and sounds as slick as ever.

SEVEN is the latest video from Kil2 and the gang at Club Bear. In it you’ll find his usual brand of PvP for the sake of PvP. Small gangs dominate rather than solo and battleships are the order of the day. Kil2 probably has some of the most exacting production standards out there so expect a feast for the eyes and ears.

As an aside my own production is slowly coming along. I’m beginning to get the hang of iMovie so now what I need are lots of good fights. If you have any name suggestions please, please let me know. At the moment “Rift and Tear” is my leading candidate.


18 Responses to “Video Goodness: Frigank 5 and SEVEN”

  1. 1 Caster

    Very nice mate, look forward to your upcoming movie/clip 😀

    You using a Mac mate? If so, how are you finding the mouse movement, the cursor acceleration is so retarded its not even funny 😮

    • @Caster: Yeah, I am using a Mac. I’ve never really noticed anything particularly weird about the cursor but then I do use a MacBook Pro so jut assume anything odd is due to the trackpad.

      • 3 Caster

        Ah the trackpad is perfectly fine for me, i’ve resorted to using hte trackpad now. Using the mouse just isnt comfortable for me, the acceleration curve in relation to movement i just find silly lol.

        March 10. Premium, my friend.

  2. I’d really look into something other than iMovie for video features that are designed to be showcased on a computer screen rather than a television monitor. iMovie is simply not designed with that in mind – you’ll run into issues with the aspect ratio and whatnot when you’re about to export.

    Personally I produced my first movie (link below) in Adobe Premiere. It’s excellent and I’m sure you can get hold of it somewhere for considerably less than… err… the going rate.

    • I’m playing with iMovie for now because I have it and I’ve finally worked out how to sort out the cropping issues and export at high resolution. If I’m not happy with the end result I’ll look into using something else or bribing someone to do the production for me.

      Biggest problem at the moment is getting good recordings. The Mac client is so memory hungry it makes running capture software tricky at best.

    • Also, how did you get Eve Files to accept .mov files? It spat them back at me when I first tried.

      • I had no issues, but it’s been a while so eve-files might have had some “enhancements” since then. I might be wrong about iMovie being unsuited for screen productions if you were able to change resolution and aspect ratio – back when I created Forrykt that was not possible.

        • I think the new version (I have iLife ’09) has improved lots of that.

          I downloaded and watched Forrykt this morning. Great work! Its not fair, all these videos look so pretty and mine’s going to be a rough and ready Brutor-style job.

          • The rough appearance might have more to do with the classic client than your editing skills – personally I installed Boot Camp only to run EVE with Premium graphics… but I’m biased – us graphic designers tend to be overly interested in how things look.

            Either way I think you’ll have a great time producing your video – believe it or not I had way more fun editing than shooting (in both regards of the word).

            • The classic client isn’t exactly the most polished thing in the world. I’d be tempted by the Bootcamp option, I just don’t know if I can spare the hard drive space for it. Things are a bit tight as it is. Hmmm… *goes off to look at the possibility of changing the HDD in his MBP*

  3. LOL at above comment.

    I just began using Veg 8 Pro and it works astounding. I used to do ALL my work in Adobe Aftereffects but that thing consumed SO much memory it wasn’t even funneh. Bows it’s just for “aftereffects”.

    As for names I see your “Rifter Baby Issue” as to be good, along with Wensley Ganks or something 70s along those lines!

    • I don’t think Adobe After Effects is meant for editing as much as special effects and such – Premiere is Adobe’s editing platform, and a great one at that.

  4. Awh crap, stupid iPod keyboard, I meant “Rifter Navy Issue”, or “Rifter Fleet Issue” since it’s Minmatar!

  5. These videos nearly snuck by me if you hadn’t pointed them out for me! It’s been a few weeks since a decent PvP was posted in the My Eve forum, and I was getting lax looking for new vids.

    Looking forward to your offering!

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