Rifter Fleet Issue


Its amazing but my favourite little Rifter is still going strong. Best of all I’m still recording all of her adventures so one day soon you’ll get to see her in action.

Yesterday I had a good series of engagements in and around Old Man Star. I used not to like Old Man Star at all but as I’ve got used to it it has started to grow on me. Although there are usually large militia fleets in system they tend to be camping the gates or forming up ready to head out and make war upon the Caldari. There are, of course, baiters but they tend to be more transparent than those in Amamake and I have yet to have a fight ruined by unexpected company.

The first engagement began with me trying to scan down a Punisher and chasing it through a series of belts. As I followed the Punisher around I got fleeting glimpses of an Incursus that seemed to be following me or at least going from belt to belt in the same order as I was. I eventually landed on top of the Incursus and quickly engaged. Although he was carrying a warp scrambler and stasis webifier he seemed to be fit for fighting the moronic Serpentis pilots rather than a combat hardened pod pilot like myself. I made short work of him as the Punisher arrived upon the scene. Without hesitation I switched my guns over the the Punisher and destroyed that too. It was a quick battle and I was able to despatch both ships with minimum fuss.

Next up was an unremarkable fight with a novice Kestrel in Lisbaetanne. It goes without saying that the Kestrel didn’t make it out alive. Nothing to be proud of but a kill is a kill.

Easily the best fight of the day came later on in the evening. Back in Old Man Star I was hunting down a fellow Rifter pilot. As before I was getting tantalising glimpses of him as I warped from belt to belt and I was able to discern that it was an Invicta pilot who, like me, was on the wrong side of the law. In order to stop the game of cat and mouse I paused in the next belt I arrived at, certain that he’d show up quickly. My weapons were cycled and ready to go. If I could get a head start in the fight then I may well be able to overcome this more experienced pilot. He landed in my belt and we were good to go. I targeted him and my guns span into life. He returned lock and returned fire. Our shields fell at a pretty similar rate and although I wanted a wide orbit he seemed to have a speed advantage and was holding me at about 4 km. My autocannons spat rounds of Barrage into his armour plating and it was going down while my own armour repair system, pushed to its limits, seemed to be able to keep up with the incoming damage. If this fight lasted too long then his nosferatu could prove to be a decisive factor. It didn’t, though. As my own capacitor finally ran out of juice his structure buckled and the hull of his Rifter gave a final convulsion as the once proud frigate exploded. My heart was racing. It had been a long time since I’d felt this much adrenaline in a fight. I had 25% of my armour left and quickly scooped the loot from his wreck before fleeing to a safe location to regain my composure.

My opponent expressed his surprise at the strength of my tank in the local channel – not the first time that this has happened – but looking at the CONCORD killmail it seems that the decisive factor was that I had long range ammunition loaded whereas he’d gone for higher damage, closer ranged bullets. If he’d been able to get in close to me then this fight could have gone the other way.

This little Rifter’s run is starting to get very impressive. Since she first undocked she has killed a Vexor, two Punishers, a Merlin, a Rifter, an Incursus, a Kestrel, and a Malediction solo. At the same time she’s had close calls but escaped from a Claw and Crusader, had a Stabber jump out with structural damage, and taken part in fleet actions that have downed a Hurricane, Raven, and Vexor. She really does deserve the appellation Rifter Fleet Issue.


2 Responses to “Rifter Fleet Issue”

  1. Wonderful little ship! And pilot!

    • You mentioned close range ammo, and I was all excited someone was using hail! Then I checked the km and it was merely RF EMP. Yeah, I wouldn’t use EMP in that kind of dogfight.

      Good fights, glad you’re having fun with that thing.

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