Caught On Camera


The Rifter that just won’t die has had another good evening. To whet my appetite I caught a ratting Vexor in Old Man Star and ransomed him for 3,500,000 ISK. Not a bad haul, really. I’d rather have ransoms than kills against young ratters.

The best bit of the evening, though, was when I got to test out the latest upgrade I’ve made to my pod. I can now download a live feed from my camera drones for analysis after the fight. Hopefully this will allow me to see my mistakes and improve the way I handle myself in the heat of battle. There is another advantage, of course. Now you can see my fights too.

So, may I present the fate of a Malediction whose Chimera buddy couldn’t prevent his death.


8 Responses to “Caught On Camera”

  1. 1 scurvy rickett

    The film seems to finish before it’s begun. Is it suposed to end just as the mal engages or was there an uploading problem?

    I hope its the latter as im looking forward to seing some good frigate pvp, perhaps even a movie coming soon™


  2. Yay Wensley did it!
    Cheers, and more golf claps for you hehe.

    Couldn’t comment below the vid 😀

  3. 3 torgat

    Same here, the video stops as soon as the fight seems to start.

    Did you capture this on a mac? how!?

  4. Thanks for letting me know. The WMV encoding seemed not to work properly. Uploaded it again and it seems to work now.

    @Torgat: I recorded the video using Snapz Pro X and trimmed and encoded it in Quicktime.

  5. 5 kor anon

    nicely done mate

  6. Strange… the first time you uploaded it as a .wmv, it worked perfectly for me :O

    Good show!

  7. Nice vid. You made it with Fraps or something else?

  8. Hehe I was about to start doing that. Well, as long as my solo piracy escapades got a bit more successful. Three unsuccessful fights in three days and I even got ransomed earlier when out looking to ransom someone else!

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