100th Post: Knowing Me, Knowing You


Wow, when I first started writing about my fights I had no idea that it would end up becoming this popular. It all started off with me writing a few after action reports for my original alliance’s forums and then, inspired by Kane Rizzel, I span it out into a blog that was aimed mostly at them rather than the wider world.

Now, thanks largely to the fantastic work that CrazyKinux does, over 400 people visit this site every day to read about my adventures. If nothing else, the desire to keep having good stories to tell drives me to push myself in Eve and take on situations that I maybe wouldn’t if I had no-one to regale with stories of my triumphs and disappointments.

So thanks, dear readers, for adding a whole extra level of enjoyment to my time in New Eden. Every time I get a hit on my scanner I’m already thinking of the tale that I’ll be able to tell.

Some of you I know, either as fellow bloggers, corporation and alliance mates past and present, or just people I’ve met in game. The vast majority, though, I know very little about. Therefore to celebrate a century of posts I’d like to do something a little different and ask all my readers to reply in the comments and tell me a little bit about themselves. It doesn’t have to be too personal but just what you do in Eve, maybe what your ambitions are, anything really. Just so I can get to know a bit more about you guys and give you a wave in local if I ever see you going about your business.

Fly safe and here’s to the next hundred posts!


26 Responses to “100th Post: Knowing Me, Knowing You”

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post ! This is certainly a fun blog to read, keep up the good work !

  2. Well, you can go checkout my blog and learn a little more about me if you want 😀

    But the short of it…I’m pretty much industrial…though I am planning on getting out and killing some people one of these days. Been playing eve for a little over a year, though I did recently just start over from scratch.

    I’m one of those carebears that doesn’t mind the pirates, it’s a game…whatever is fun to someone is what they should do. 😀

    Gratz on the 100th post!


    Grats on the 100th post mate, much respect to a fellow pirate!

    Well i have the disease that makes me flash red constantly! love my ishkurs, Vexors and Domi’s (not the sissy neut ones).

    If your every around Blackrise your welcome to roam with my corp any day 😛
    (ingame name “IEATCRAYONS”)

  4. Hi Wensley,

    I’m a new character, currently religiously training up my skills to be able to fly your two beginning Rifter set-ups. I’ve been an EVE carebear, but you and several other great pirate blogs have persuaded me to first try my hand at a little destruction and now to concentrate on it.

    Congrats on 100th post, keep it up!


  5. Congrats on the milestone.

    As for info about me… I like Rokhs. I hate the devs for shortchanging their drone bay.

    +25m3 Dronebay and bandwidth for the Rokh today!

  6. 6 Xebecca

    I am currently in a Galente FW corp learning the basics of PVP

    I generally fly a Stiletto in these gangs

    I want to be able to fly solo, and I am therefore learning to fly a rifter when not in gangs

  7. 7 Valourin Epitaph

    I’m in it for the thrill of the hunt, and it’s always exciting when you at least survive against overwhelming odds. Reading other pirates journey’s is an inspiration to push forward and always improve.


  8. 8 Benicio

    Minmatar miner here with aspirations of pvp. You have given me courage to have a go.

  9. Great site and I love to read what you’ve been up to.

    I would like it even more if you gave aways your rifter setup?? :))

  10. 10 stnylan


    I love reading about pvp, and am absolutely rubbish at it myself.

  11. Another congrads on the 100th post as well as obtaining such popularity. It really is well deserved!

    As for me, I’m fairly new to the game and started out as a pure carebear miner. Between a certain corp mate of mine and reading blogs like yours, I was turned to the ‘darker’ side of Eve and now spend more time on my pvp/pve alt. Just can’t get enough of watching things go boom! I still fly with an anti-pirate corp but…well…after following all these pirate blogs…you never know what the future may hold… mwahaha! 🙂

  12. o/ Really cool stories. I enjoy mostly the fight/roaming reports. Especially those with t1/t2 frig size fights/gangs. It’s just sad that in 0.0 (where i live) you won’t get fair fights with that shipclass that often.

    Keep it up.

  13. Guys, thanks so much to everyone who has responded so far. I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying the stories and even more so that some of you have been inspired to try your hand at PvP. Learning to fight in Eve can be a rocky road so don’t be discouraged. I lost countless ships before I was able to hold my own in combat.

    Please do keep commenting and introducing yourselves.

  14. 14 capt thryss

    o7 and gratz Wensley!

    We bump into each other enough I think you know what I’m up to in eve…but you may not know that Cosmic and I almost joined up with your gang a while back. In RL I’m in the military working on my masters degree and typically am an outdoors kind of guy. Eve is the first computer game I’ve really gotten into (other than Counter Strike years back) and I love it. If it wasn’t for FW introducing me to pvp I would of left the game a long time ago. Keep up the great posts bud, cheers!

  15. Congrats on your 100th post mate!!!!

  16. Good job! Looking forward to the next 100, possibly 200, but not 300 😛

  17. 17 Sho Maac

    Hey Wensley! I’m a noob in EVE (just celebrated my 3 month birthday) but have already decided PvP is really where it’s at and that piracy may be a sure way to get an adrenaline fix each time I log on. The more I read your blog, the less I care about my sec status. I think before I’m six months old I’m going to be a ‘blinky’, never have to run another Angels Extravaganza, never set foot in empire and I’ll have you to thank for all of it! Keep up the great work man!

  18. Congrats on the 100 posts milestone! I love your blog and read it religiously even if I don’t comment as much as I should to show my appreciation!

    And oh, I am the Alpha Hellcat, Mynxee. I love my life as an outlaw–the hunt, the fight, the kill, the plunder, the freedom, the fun–and my women-only pirate corp, our alliance mates The Bastards, all the wonderful friends I’ve made in New Eden–whether they yarr or not, and all the fabulous blogs that so many pod pilots share with us.

    Here’s to your next 100 posts, Wens!

  19. Grats Wensley. Keep ’em coming man. 🙂

    I’m GT. Just a humble purveyor of slightly used modules and ships in semi-retirement right now. I also tend to blog about various things EvE related.

  20. This really is making my day, guys. Not only do I get a nice little e-mail every few minutes telling me more about you but I also now have a whole raft of new blogs to subscribe to and follow.

    Keep it up!

  21. 21 Who8MyLunch

    Hey Wensley! It was reading blogs like yours and Kane’s that got me interested in low-sec piracy. And look! Now I’m a Tusker!

    In real life I drive a desk, write software, and prepare PowerPoint presentations. It’s great fun to come home after work and be a bad guy.

  22. Congrats Wens! Yours is definitely one of my faves to read and that means something considering there are about 716,892 Eve blogs now 🙂 Keep it up for another 100 please.

  23. 23 Leumas K

    Congrats on the milestone.

    I’m a Miner/Industrialist and aspiring business tycoon looking to take over the galaxy… well, maybe just earn some iskies.

    Although I am what some would consider a carebear, I respect honest piracy and I know that the day I meet you face to face I will probably be sent to the clone vat. Such is life in EVE.

    Love the blog. Keep up the great posts. I might just figure out how to survive an encounter eventually.

  24. Congratulations, and I’m really glad I found this blog lately.

    I like a lot of different gameplay, but due to my RL (small kids at home), sustained and serious PVP usually doesn’t work too well for me. I regret that since I’ve enjoyed it in the past, but right now just doesn’t work. So I mostly focus on research and the market, with some manufacturing thrown in there for good measure. And exploration, I really enjoy that. W-space may be a challenge for me due to the fact that I’m usually semi-solo.

    Also, the Rifter pwns face.

  25. 25 Egrat

    Congrats on the 100th post, I don’t read yours or the ten other blogs that our corpies write nearly as often as I shuold but when I do, it’s always a good experience.

    As to what I like doing… it’s blowing stuff up. Wether it’s in a ‘sader or the harbinger or anything in between. Also I love the hunt, the best moment for me is the moment I’m about to hit the belt the target’s in having my scram and guns flashing comms ready to call my mates in for the kill.

    Here’s to the 200th post mate!

  26. I’m a pirate from Kazakhstan and your biggest fan in this country.

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