Wealth and Power


In the early hours of yesterday morning I logged into GalNet to see that I had a message from The Tuskers’ founder and CEO, Ka Jolo. Impressed by my contributions towards life in The Tuskers and trusting my honesty and loyalty he was offering me a chance to become part of The Tuskers’ leadership. I love my corporation and Ka Jolo’s vision for how a pirate group should operate and I leapt at the chance.

So, I am pleased to say that as of today I am a director of The Tuskers and will be helping Ka Jolo and Joc (another director) with the day to day running of the corporation. Thanks to all the Tusker pilots who have offered their congratulations and support.

As well as receiving this promotion I decided that it was time to clear out my hangar. Until now I’d been holding on to anything that looked useful and had several unfitted ships packaged up and a whole slew of modules littered across the floor. This doesn’t exactly make it easy for my support crew and I’m pretty sure that I’m never going to use all of this stuff. With the decision made I opened a channel to Allii, my agent in Jita, and told her to come down and clear out everything that wasn’t attached to a ship. I also gave her a list of fittings I needed to make sure all my vessels were fully combat ready.

With all the modules now on the market and most of them sold it looks like I’ve made a nice 250,000,000 ISK or there about. Being me I almost instantly invested a chunk of it in some more Rifters and I needed a few modules for the rest of my fleet, but the rest of it is sitting there waiting to be put to good use. It makes a pleasant change having cash in the bank and I’m resisting the urge to spend it all on shiny things to fill my now spartan hangar.


6 Responses to “Wealth and Power”

  1. /me raises a pint in celebration of your promotion! I knew that Ka Jolo guy was smart. *grin*

  2. Golf claps here for you man. Golf claps for you.

    As far as your moneys go, I non-chalantly “suggest” you “invest” it in “me” 😉

  3. @Tony, what’s a golf clap?

  4. 4 capt thryss

    well deserved o7

  5. It’s what people do to someone who has accomplished something impressive.

    You put your main hand out, palm down, put it half way on to the palm of your free hand, and tap the middle of the non-main hand by bending the knuckles up and down, slowly.

    This creates a quiet clap that when done in dim light, creates a “secret society” effect, or done at a golf game, shows your “elegance and eloquence”.


  6. Congratulations, Wensley!

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