At The Helm of a Tuskers Fleet


Last night I had the chance to lead my third official Tuskers fleet operation. We have regular informal fleets but also try and organise co-ordinated fleets with a proper composition and proper plan from time to time. Tonight’s operation was a frigate roam and the participants had been told to rendezvous at our headquarters in Hevrice ready to leave at 2100 hours.

The fleet began to assemble in Hevrice at 2045 and by 2055 we had all members except for Alex Rudd who was bringing his Kitsune. Keen for ECM support I uttered the fateful words “We’ll wait 15 minutes for Alex and then move out. Lets face it, anything less than half an hour late is good for a fleet op.” While we waited we played station games with a couple of Dark Rise Angels battleships but without adequate intel I resisted the urge to engage.

At 2130 Alex logged on and with our ECM support finally in place I gave the order to move out. Egrat took scout and tackle duties in his Crusader. The rest of the fleet comprised of Joc and Yahrr in Taranises, Ronan in an Enyo, Dyaven in an Ishkur, Valourin and myself in Rifters, Romeo and Taco in Incursii, Gambuk in a Vigil, and Alex in the Kitsune.

Our initial destination was Ouelletta and the journey there was uneventful. Next on the list was Old Man Star where we spent a while dodging Faction Warfare gatecamps but were unable to find any prey. With Aurohunen as our ultimate destination I gave the order to proceed to Okkamon in Black Rise. We had to dodge a series of pirate gatecamps in Abune and Oinasiken but got the fleet through without incident. At this point autopilot issues caused the fleet to split but we were able to regroup in Pynekastoh.

While waiting for Egrat to scout Rakapas an outlaw Hurricane warped to our gate. I ordered the fleet to jump through with one Taranis holding back in case he didn’t follow. I needn’t have worried, though. The ‘cane jumped and was quickly pointed, webbed, and jammed. He didn’t stand a chance and the mighty Tuskers fleet quickly reduced him to scrap metal. Interceptors were ordered to prepare to catch the pod but he evaded our grasp. The loot was stored in station and the fleet given two minutes to stretch their legs and avail themselves of the facilities in station. The assault was well disciplined and I was pleased with the way the gang handled themselves.

As the pilots were wandering back to the hangar floor and getting back into their ships Egrat was scouting the next system. Even before we were at full combat readiness he called that he had tackled a Raven at a planet. The fleet leapt out of the station and charged towards the gate where they jumped and warped to the stricken Raven. Egrat held the tackle beautifully and once again Alex’s jammers went to work. The Raven released drones and the lighter ships turned their attention to these while the heavier frigates kept working away at the Raven’s shields. He had no chance and quickly succumbed to our guns. This time the pod was locked but my invite to a ransom chat was spurned and the order was given to squish him. Again the wreck was looted but seeing as we lacked station facilities in system the fleet regrouped at a safe spot to wait out our criminal timers.

Once again the fleet got moving but in Black Rise we came up against organised resistance including a Rapier. I did not want to risk the fleet in combat and gave the order to keep moving and avoid combat. With the excitement of hostiles in system voice communications lost discipline and this had to be restored in order to allow Egrat to provide us with the intelligence that we needed to maneuver the fleet to safety.

At this point a few members took the opportunity to dock up in Asakai.

The area we were moving into is home to both the Guristas Associates and Veto so we proceeded with caution. In Uuna, Egrat reported an outlaw member of the White Rabbits (the GA’s industrial wing) ratting in a Vexor. After a bit of scanning he made the tackle and the remaining fleet warped in for the kill. Again our ransom attempts were spurned.

Once again we were aware that we’d prodded the hornet’s nest so the fleet kept moving through Ishomilken and into Mara without really stopping for breath. In Mara we resumed the hunt but the only ship we could find was Andrea Skye in her Republic Fleet Firetail. While Egrat scouted Passari I invited Andrea to join us but she declined. In Passari Egrat found a Tempest battleship sitting in a safespot 1,500 km from the gate into high security space. He was able to break the safespot but unable to get a tackle on the Tempest. After an unsuccessful attempt to bait the Tempest to a belt I recalled him to Mara and sent him to scout Dantumi. It was probably a good thing he didn’t tackle the Tempest because a solitary Tempest was most likely to have a pair of heavy energy neutralisers in its utility slots that would have allowed it to vapourise Egrat’s Crusader.

We found no more targets in Dantumi or Aurohunen so I disbanded the operation and headed for a station. Just as I prepared to leave the hangar I heard of a Cormorant tackled back in Dantumi. I ran for my ship yelling on comms for them to cease fire so I could get in on the action. I was too late, though, and they popped the destroyer with ease. The pilot was very young and although the pod was trapped no-one knew what to ransom him for so I suggested that we should let him go in exchange for a joke (a trick I’ve borrowed from the Neo Spartans). The offer was made but no response was received. After a bit of gentle cajoling we gave up and sent him back to the clone vat.

In conclusion the operation was highly successful. We managed to kill two high value targets, a cruiser, and a noob for no losses. We did 345,000,000 ISK damage and got about 60,000,000 ISK loot by my reckoning.

I’m already looking forward to my next outing at the helm of a Tuskers fleet.

PS – What do you think about linking to ship classes of EVElopedia for those that are unfamilar with them? I’ve only linked the first reference to each ship class.


5 Responses to “At The Helm of a Tuskers Fleet”

  1. 1 Commoner

    Nice writeup.

  2. *sniff* I’m kind of missing the old hunting grounds around Mara. Perhaps not always IN Mara but you could usually find a fight somewhere around there.

    As for linking, I think it’s a great idea. So many ships in Eve, sometimes have to rack the brain to remember what’s what.

  3. Nice write up.

    Linking is helpful and unobtrusive.

  4. This is the Web; linking’s not just a good idea, it’s how everything should work.

    Also, very enjoyable style here. Easy to read and immersive without going over the top.

  5. Good night out I read.

    As for the linking, I think you should just link exotic ships (like the RFF) an not the ships we know everyday because I get confused when trying to view a KM instead of looking at info for a ship I already know about 😛

    Just me. Fly safe.

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