Why I Fly Rifters


The comments to some of my posts, responses to my Rifter guide thread, and even a bit of local smack talk have all questioned why it is that I (and some of the other Tuskers) insist on flying what are perceived to be inferior ships.

I’ve noticed it happening more and more as the reputation of The Tuskers has grown and he have become a force to be reckoned with in Verge Vendor. A few corporations have moved into our area and are intent on kicking us out but seem to get frustrated by our small ship tactics. They camp our stations and gates in battleships and heavy assault cruisers and then get frustrated when we carry on about our usual business in frigates and cruisers.

The whole philosophy of The Tuskers, and hence the pilots who join us, is fast-moving small gangs of cheap ships. We have several pilots who can bring out the big guns and we will do if we sense a juicy kill but most of our efforts are concentrated towards roaming gangs and solo belt piracy. We work well in small units and at any given time Tuskers pilots might be found in a whole range of different regions at the same time. Hevrice is a base and a good hunting ground but we don’t feel that we own the system or have to defend it.

Because we operate away from the safety of stations and gates and in small numbers we have to fly cheap ships. There is no ship that is cheaper and more flexible than the Rifter. It can take on all other T1 frigates with very favourable chances of winning. With a bit of skilled piloting it can bring down interceptors, destroyers, and most cruisers without a full complement of light drones. Mining ships in belts are no problem either. Combined in a gang frigates can orbit under the guns of bigger ships and their combined damage output and electronic warfare capabilities turn them into a force to be reckoned with. Don’t believe me? Attend an Agony Basic class and see the power of frigates in action.

All this in a ship that costs me about 4.5 to 5 million ISK to put together. I’m fast enough and nimble enough to avoid combat except when I want it. So don’t mock the Rifter. I have other ships that I can fly and I do undock them when the circumstances are appropriate but my eye is always on the bottom line.

Oh, did I mention that frigates are immense amounts of fun? Don’t believe me then check out Frigank.


3 Responses to “Why I Fly Rifters”

  1. 1 xiphos83

    You are completely correct in your reasoning. They are probably the best frigate out there and can pack a punch for a small roaming pirate gang. No arguments with you from my end!

  2. There’s indeed lots of fun in flying frigates. A couple months ago I was the only pilot in our corporation to fly them regularly. But some of my mates, probably bored with camping gates in battleships, have since decided to give it a try. First one of them joined me for an assault frigate roam, then another one came in his assault ship. And last Saturday there were four of us! The virus is definitely spreading. Maybe some day I’ll even talk them into swapping tech 2 ships for Rifters/Punishers/other t1 frigs for a “nothing to lose” kind of roam.

  3. Frigates are the funnest ships to fly, for sure! Fast, disposable, and deadly in groups. Heck, you can even kill capital ships with them!!!

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