A Spectre At My Shoulder


Being a hip young resident of the pirate scene here in New Eden I idle in a few buccaneering chat channels when I’m wired into my pod. Imagine my surprise yesterday when a pirate that we’d all assumed had passed on into legend logged in and said hello. That’s right, guys, it seems that Spectre‘s back and he’s got the itch to make things explode. Now all we need to do is get him blogging again…


5 Responses to “A Spectre At My Shoulder”

  1. Yeah, blogging again about EVE, not candy bars and poop!!!

  2. WTF. You don’t like my candy bar posts???????

  3. Excellent, so glad to see this! Hopefully the break has recharged your yarrr modules.

  4. No Spectre, I prefer your posts about taking candy from babies … errrr … loot and isk from noobs. Get on it.

  5. Ohwee thanks for noticing us to get out of his way… I am almost jizzing in my pants again (LOL joke from his poem contest :P).

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