Taking on Interceptors


One class of ship that I’ve not had a lot of joy fighting in my Rifter is interceptors. These speedy ships are very fragile but have the pace to keep out of range of my warp scrambler and stasis webifier. They are also usually fit with high-tech goodies and so can be really quite lucrative kills. I want some of this so I’m currently practicing taking them on in my Rifter.

Over the last couple of days I’ve had three encounters with them so I thought I’d recount these skirmishes and what I have learnt from them. At the same time I’ve been on a long roam towards my old hunting grounds in Heimatar and Metropolis in search of fresh targets and a change from fighting the 22nd BRDU who seem to be growing in stature and ability daily.

The first encounter was a Crow in Lermireve. I can’t remember exactly where I engaged him now but I do remember that I warped in at range and allowed him to close me down. As he got closer I overloaded all of my tackle and propulsion modules and burnt towards him hoping to be able to punch through his orbit and shut down his microwarp drive. It wasn’t to be, though, and I did manage to get a web on him briefly but he evaded me and I was unable to pin him down. A game of cat and mouse followed with him maintaining a good steady orbit at about 18 km and me ducking and diving trying to make headway. I got close a couple of times but was unable to intercept him. The fight was long and drawn out but he remained patient and didn’t make any mistakes that would have allowed me to get a jump on him. In the end the inevitable happened and my Rifter was destroyed. It was a good fight, though, and I think I learnt quite a bit about my Rifter’s capabilities. My opponent definitely respected my tough little baby:

debnedaebne > c’mon die already 🙂

Wensley > he he gf

debnedaebne > nice rifter btw

Wensley > thanks

debnedaebne > props for your rifter and you

My second encounter was with another Crow. This time I scanned it down to a faction warfare complex that I knew it couldn’t enter (it was a minor complex and they don’t allow T2 frigates in). Therefore if I didn’t manage to get him straight into scram range I would be able to activate the acceleration gate and flee into the relative safety of the complex. I warped in and found him, as I’d hoped, sitting right on the acceleration gate. I activated my tackle systems but forgot to overload them and he managed to escape my grasp. For a little while we played cat and mouse around the system until he eventually warped to a POS and hid within the shields. I have no idea why he wouldn’t engage me but never mind. This time the lesson that I learnt was to remember to overload tackle to get the nippy little bastards.

The final encounter was at the very end of the day. After a huge roam in which I’d only been able to find and kill a single Rifter (I could have got two but I was being cautious when I found them both in a belt) I was idling in Eifer and scanning for targets. You may know of Eifer from reading Kane’s tales but for those who don’t its a low security system in Heimatar that borders high security space with lots of young pilots in it. Many of them come into Eifer for their first experience of low security ratting. There are no stations making it heaven for us pirates. There’s even a healthy amount of hauler traffic passing through system to hopefully make our presence less obvious. Anyway, I digress. While I was scanning all that I could find was WayCharles, a member of Mean Corp, in his Malediction. This got me to thinking and after some discussion in our corporation channel I decided to try and bait him. I found an empty belt and waited. A Brutix came on scan and I aborted back to my safe spot. When the Brutix left I tried again only to be greeted by a Hurricane on my scanners. I didn’t want to risk being caught by this either so I aborted for a second time.

The third time I found a nice empty belt and waited with all my systems primed and overloaded. This time I had more luck and he warped in right on top of me. After the surge of adrenaline had caused me to misclick on my original targetting attempt I was able to lock, scram, and web him and give chase with my overheated afterburner. He was pinned down with no escape and the fragile Amarrian interceptor did not last long. Another great fight. I stayed to scoop the loot and check out a scan hit I had on a Rifter before heading into Gusandall to call it a night. Upon docking up I headed down to the bar where I bumped into WayCharles who generously bought me a bottle of rum to show there were no hard feelings. These are the kind of opponents I want to fight. Maybe I should extend my stay here in Heimatar.

As an added bonus I discovered that my hangar in Gusandall was littered with the spoils of previous fights so as well as good battles I’ve happened upon a welcome windfall. Now if only I could find someone willing to haul a few Rifters here for me…

So in all I’ve learnt quite a bit about fighting interceptors. Probably the main thing I’ve taken away from this is to use their confidence in their speed against them and try and bait them. Belts are particularly good because if they don’t quite take the belt you can use asteroids to disrupt their orbit. I still want to learn more, though, so please, please share any tips that you might have in the comments to this thread so I can get even better at taking them on.

PS – It seems that my killboard’s import feature was lagging a bit but it has now caught up and is up to date.


7 Responses to “Taking on Interceptors”

  1. Kane gave some hints here https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=2826644557463580695&postID=7765273853457539527&isPopup=true, although you most likely have already seen that.

  2. 2 Leon vanUber

    The 180° turn is an essential part, it’s your main maneuver and works best when you add versatility to it.

    Judging by your post I take it you already know that bad interceptor pilots tend to warp to belts at zero ;).

    There is an EVE-Tribune article on basic interceptor maneuvers, worth a read, but not really what you are looking for.

    It is very difficult to describe how to catch an Interceptor using just text. I recommend watching pre QR Blaster Taranis videos, especially the ones made by ‘sakana’ (pins and needles, headcase, un-elite (?) ect, mainly Vagabond videos with like 40% Taranis content). Look for them on the Eve-video section on the official forums.

    I also recommend watching the ‘Frigank’ series, part 2-4 especially, also ‘Battle Atron’ by the same guy, ‘Prometheus Exenthal’, some good inty-catching in them.

    Older, but also good: ‘Around the Universe’, a Taranis trilogy which can be found in this thread (scroll down for next parts):

    Hope this helps.

    • Leon, thanks so much for the video links. I’m already a big fan of Prometheus’ stuff. I know that he gets a lot of his kills from baiting and I’ve been playing with the same tactics with good effect so far. I’ll check out those other videos. Its definitely best to learn by watching than reading.

  3. Great post and very informative (including the discussion here).

  4. Heres an idea… FIT AN MWD? or better yet, fly a better ship?
    I never understand tuskers desire to fly crappy ships, no wonder u all macro haul to make isk

    • I enjoy flying Rifters. They fun, cheap, and versatile. What more could I want from a ship? I don’t have the money or skills to be flying around in expensive ships all the time. This goes for a lot of my corp mates to. This is just the way we want to play the game.

      As for fitting a microwarp drive. While it would be useful in these situations it would be a hinderance most of the rest of the time. My afterburner lets me dictate range in frigate fights and evade the guns of larger ships.

      Finally… macro hauling? Erm. What? Right. No.

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