Back With a Bang


After a crazy week away with my friends in the snow it felt good to be back within the warming goo of my pod. It might sound crazy that having cybernetic implants crammed into your head, a big spike inserted into your spine, and living in an egg full of slimey ooze can feel good; but it does. It feels like home. This is my element. This is what I do.

With the memories of the slopes still fresh in my mind I decided to try something new and changed my direction as I crossed the hangar. This time it wasn’t going to be my Rifter, it was going to be something a bit different.

Minutes later my Claw interceptor burst into space, leaving the docking lane behind me. I was already hooked into The Tuskers’ communication systems and I was aware of a gang patrolling to the north of Hevrice up in Placid. On my way to join the gang I found a Tristan ratting in Ouelletta. My Claw made very short work of him and, after waiting out my timer, proceeded to chase the gang ahead of me.

Once I caught up with the gang I took over as scout and began to move ahead of them looking for targets worth testing my interceptor’s mettle against. In Abune we came across a couple of Faction Warfare gangs and held the fleet as they moved through. Behind the gangs came a Veto Vagabond and kor anon joined me in Abune to act as bait. The Minmatar heavy cruiser was shy to engage kor’s Maller and warped off to a Planet. Kor and I followed him and found him landed right on the default warp co-ordinate. We both activated our tackle systems and soon had his warp drive scrambled and his microwarp drive disabled. He was helpless as my tiny, nimble interceptor fired up its afterburner and settled into orbit opening up with my autocannons. The rest of the fleet warped to us and the Vagabond was destroyed just as his drones began to cause me serious worries. In its first real combat trial my not-so fragile interceptor turned out to be the top damage dealer during the engagement much to the amazement of my fleet.

Things were hotting up and the fleet moved to Indreguelle where we scanned down a Hurricane. Feeling bloodthirsty we leapt upon the battlecruiser and I quickly made the tackle. The mighty ship couldn’t deal with my Claw’s speed and was barely able to hit me. It turns out we’d sprung a trap and the Hurricane was shortly joined by a Stiletto interceptor, Ishkur assault frigate, Caracal cruiser, and Oneiros logistics cruiser. In the ensuing fight we killed the Hurricane and Oneiros (plus pod) for the loss of an Incurus and Blackbird.

Man, its good to be back.

The next day I had planned a solo roam out towards my old stomping grounds around Amamake. I saddled up my Rifter and set off, calling into some of my usual haunts on the way. In Adirain I found a Tristan, which I swiftly popped. Once my criminal timer was up I played games with a cyno Manticore and a shuttle before scanning down the Tristan pilot in a Celestis. All three escaped my clutches, my warp scrambler just missing the shuttle, unfortunately. As I proceeded on my roam through a collection of empty systems I got word that a Brutix had been scanned down while it ran a mission in Hevrice. I turned my frigate around and dashed back towards my home system with the scent of a kill in my nostrils. We quickly tackled and killed the Brutix only to find that it was fit for salvage work rather than missioning in its own right. This meant a disappointing loot haul but this was somewhat made up for by a 15,000,000 ISK ransom on the pod.

And handful of kills and some good ISK for no loss. Watch out, guys, Wensley’s back.

Note: For some reason my own personal killboard isn’t automatically pulling kills from the main Tuskers board. I’ll have to investigate further and see if I can fix this.


One Response to “Back With a Bang”

  1. Yay Mr. Wensley is killing innocent pwople again!

    Yay 😀

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