A Pirate’s Life For Me


Bfoster, Kor Anon, and Toff Lemire (all Tuskers) have been telling about how they became pirates so I thought it would be a good idea to share how my descent into the murky realms of lowsec piracy came about.

When I first began my career in New Eden I was a Gallentean miner. I went out and I tore minerals from asteroids. It was dull. Deathly dull. I don’t think I made it as far as even getting a destroyer before I called it a day. I tried again this time with a Gallente PvP character and I joined a corporation (whose name I forget) that I found on GalNet. The guys in the corporation were nice enough but no often on and I didn’t feel any direction or focus to my activities. Disappointed I once again sent my character to the clone vat.

The third time of asking I rolled Wensley, a ferocious Brutor warrior. On my first day I trained up the basic skills needed to fly my Rifter in level 1 missions and went hunting for a corporation. Pretty quickly I found Dromedary, Goat, Albatross, and Fish. They were a small PvP training corp with a 0.0 presence in Stain and an Empire headquarters in Aufay. With them I recieved lots of training. I learnt how to make bookmarks and travel safely, how to fly as part of a fleet, how to fit small ships for gang combat, and many more things. After just a couple of weeks I was ready to move one of my clones out to Stain and we had a fun journey out in my Rifter with a corpmate scouting ahead in a covert ops ship. Once in 0.0 I began to make my money by ratting and rarely did missions any more. I flew in gangs and got a few good kills. After a couple of months I was beginning to feel confident in my Rifter and I set out around Minmatar lowsec learning the fine art of solo PvP.

While learning I lost many ships but I soon began to rack up the kills and my corporation and alliance mates were very impressed with my progress. I moved up through the ranks of the corporation and was soon acting as an cover for my CEO when she was absent and starting to train younger pilots in the lessons that I’d been taught. As time went by I began to think that the lure of the chase in lowsec was calling to me stronger and stronger every day. I loved flying with my alliance but somehow 0.0 seemed unable to offer me the thrill of the hunt that I found on the fringes of the great Empires. After much consideration I made up my mind that it was time to move on and shed my training wings. I was going to be a pirate. It wasn’t that easy, though. I didn’t want to just jump ship and enter any old corporation. My time in DGAF had taught me the importance of finding the right fit. I didn’t want to be one of those people who had a string of employers, some of whom they’d only been with for a few days.

I’d been reading a few pirate blogs, notably Kane Rizzel, Flashfresh, Spectre, and Ka Jolo. When Ka Jolo announced his intention to start his own corporation and his vision for what was to become The Tuskers I was intrigued. This was exactly what I was looking for in a corporation. I quickly joined their public channel and after chatting to the guys for a few days I made my application on the forums. There were no significant hitches and I was quickly accepted as the fourth member of The Tuskers. At about the same time Burn Mac, Taco Raptorian, and Misty Steele who I’d flown with and against in Amamake also joined and I knew I was onto a good thing.

And so my pirate life began…


8 Responses to “A Pirate’s Life For Me”

  1. …and Spectre’s blog is located at http://evenewb.blogspot.com/. Just helping you out since it’s not linked above in the post. Wait what? I am shamelessly promoting my own blog that I don’t even still post to? I am insulted that you would accuse me of such a thing.

    Hope the pirating is going well. 🙂

  2. It is indeed. Oi, Spectre. If you’re going to run and hide from the Eve blog scene and play other games and have a life, then the least that you could do is e-mail wensley@eve-mail.net with a real e-mail address so we can keep in touch 😛

  3. 3 Venom


  4. 4 Batsto

    hey man..good job on the blog. it makes an interesting read while also providing some valuable info for new players. i myself have recently started (about 2 1/2 months ago) and after some indecision settled on the rifter. its working out ok but the dps seems really low. im running 200mm tech 2 autos and working on my gun skills but do you think a rifter needs a gyro, heat, and/or combat implants to be viable against anything more powerful than a tech 1 frig or weak industrial? if you dont mind revealing, what sort of dps do you get without upgrades? am i missing something?

    • Hey Batsto, glad you like the blog. The way to get the best out of the Rifter is to work on your gunnery skills. Get them all the IV and you’ll get some good damage. The same goes for the Minmatar Frigate skill. I get 104 DPS before considering combat implants so its by no means pathetic. That’s with a gyrostabiliser in one of the low slots. As far as targets you should be able to crack the tank of anything below a battlecruiser given enough time. Destroyers and mining cruisers will fall very quickly.

  5. 6 Batsto

    right on..is that 104 counting the rockets?

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