You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Always Come Back For More


Regular readers of my musings will know that I have had a good number of enjoyable encounters with the Caldari militia and yesterday was no exception. As usual I was prowling around in my Rifter and I tracked down a Thrasher to complex in Muetralle. Lone destroyers are my bread and butter so without thinking twice I punched in the warp co-ordinates and grinned as my ship sprang into hyperspace. The joy of the hunt is shared by pilot and ship thanks to our advanced neural interfaces and I could feel that my beloved frigate was as eager for the fight as I was. We dropped out of warp by an acceleration gate and quickly activated it.

When we dropped out of warp for a second time we were about 50 km from the Thrasher as it was finally finishing off capture of the complex’s bunker. I fired up my afterburner and began to head for the destroyer. Destroyers are designed for anti-frigate work and if not approached with skill can leave you sitting in your pod before you even know what happened. This one was particularly vicious and its first volley stripped my shields. I pressed on, though, knowing that all I had to do was withstand a second volley and then I’d be in a nice tight orbit and safe from the wrath of his artillery. A second volley struck home tearing away half my armour. I quickly cycled up my repair systems and used my knowledge of thermodynamics to coax some extra performance from it. One more second and I’d be in orbit. A third volley hit home but this time the damage was negligable. I’d made it. My ship hugged close to the Thrasher’s hull and I felt its joy as the artillery pieces on our victim swung futilley on their mounts unable to track us. The fight was won and the Thrasher was destroyed.

Calls of good fight were exchanged in local and I expressed my admiration for the damage that his destroyer had done me. A less skillful pilot would have been made into mincemeat before they could even have activated their scrambler.

With the loot safely stowed in a station I set off again looking for more fights. It didn’t take long to find them. In Oueletta I came across a Caldari fleet heading south towards Costolle. I raced them back hoping to get to the complex before they did so I could pick them off at the warp in point away from the dangers of the navy fleet protecting the bunker. On the way I passed Antoine Lefevre who had re-equipped and was now flying a Rifter. I succeeded in my goal and reached the complex before the defense force could make it. Lurking on the warp in beacon I opened up my scanner and checked to see what I was up against. There were two Cormorants and a Rifter waiting on the acceleration gate. I assumed they were waiting for me to get away from the warp in point. I loaded up Republic Fleet EMP into my autocannons sure that the destroyers were the main threat and therefore had to be taken down first.

I was surprised, then, when the first person to come into the complex was Antoine Lefevre. From my previous fight I knew he was a skilled opponent and the presence of nanite repair paste in his Thrasher’s hold suggested that he, too, know the secrets of thermodynamics. This was going to be a close fight. I fired up my systems and told the Rifter to get in as close as possible. If he wanted to fight at range I was doomed, I had no time to change over to barrage. The fight was tight. Our ships span around each other, both ducking and diving, trying to find the optimal position. My guns were overheated but I didn’t want to risk burning them out so turned them off in case I needed the extra punch later in the fight. My repair system was glowing red hot but keeping up with the damage. My capacitor was faring less well, though, and soon I could no longer run my repairer. Both of us where taking damage to our hulls now but my decision to fit a gyrostabiliser over a damage control unit was taking its toll. I had less buffer to work through and the tide was turning. I hammered the command to run my repair system and at the last second I got enough capacitor to get a single repair cycle off. It wasn’t enough, though, and my Rifter exploded after a glorious run including the deaths of two destroyers, two mining barges, and a cruiser.

I loved that ship. I was courteous in local, as always, but I wanted revenge. I warped my pod home as quickly as I could. My Rupture was the ideal ship for dealing with this little fleet. Its immense firepower would tear them apart and I had recently finished training to squeeze the absolute best performance from cruiser-sized ships. As soon as I docked I ordered the technicians to transfer my pod to the cruiser and instantly requested undock permission. Once out in space I headed at full speed back to Costolle.

On the Costolle gate I was greeted by the sight of a Caldari militia pilot in a Hawk class assault frigate. I decloaked to see how he would respond and he quickly targeted and engaged me. Oh, Kruger81, you shouldn’t have done that. Rounds of RF EMP streaked from my guns and into the prone frigate as an Enyo assault frigate showed up in support. I quickly deployed my ECM drones and set them on the Enyo. He would have to wait his turn. The Hawk was destroyed and I now turned my attentions to the gallente ship. Under the firepower of my guns and with his capacitor hit hard by my neutraliser and nosferatu he was melting. To my horror more support arrived. My armour was starting to take heavy damage and I had no way to repair it. The Enyo was going down, though. He was taking hull damage. And then the Blackbird showed up. I love ECM when its on my side but the presence of this specialist e-war cruiser was enough to turn the tide and I was soon jammed and unable to finish off the Enyo. I made a run for the gate, hoping that by the time I got there I would have enough time to jump out before they were able to peel away the last of my armour and finish off my structure. It was looking close but no such luck. I wasted time failing to recall my drones and paid the price. My pod sat in my ships wreckage and I was desperately calling for the gate crew to let me out. They weren’t interested though and kept telling me that I was undergoing a session change and couldn’t jump. Why hadn’t I opted to warp away? It was too late now. My pod was locked, scrammed, and destroyed. With it went my precious combat implants.

Thanks to the Caldari milita for once again providing a brilliant bunch of fights. I need to come up with a plan to deal with their ECM as they seem to be using it more and more as an effective way of dealing with the pirate nuisance. Its probably not helped by the fact I tend to charge in without support but hey, its more fun this way.

By the way, does anyone know of a good way of recording Eve footage using Mac OS X? I’d really like to be able to share more than just stories with you.


16 Responses to “You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Always Come Back For More”

  1. 1 ombeve

    As always, brilliant write up, sounds like great fun. How do you remember the details, do you make notes post-fight while it’s still fresh?

    • @Ombey, I really don’t know. It just somehow all sticks in my head. My brain’s pretty good at absorbing useless stuff, I just wish it was better with things that I want to remember. Hopefully I’ll work out a way of making videos and then we can see how well my memory matches up to reality.

  2. 3 nickmacedo

    Very nice post. Your right about the blackbird. For a cruiser, it can really change the outcome of a battle.

  3. Pretty good thrahser fight there. Just one question? how fast was he moving away from you when you got close? When I was in his position I was usually mwd’ing away from the frigates to keep them at range and reduced traversal (at 1700m/s). If you were equipped with AB he should have been able to keep you in his sweet spot and either driven you away when you noticed you weren’t closing fast enough or shredded your ship if you didn’t. (plex thrasher tactics are of particular interest after spending a good part of 3 months in FW polishing my skills at them).

  4. I don’t know any recording programs on the Mac, but good luck finding one.

    Hope you have fun with the new “premium lite” client!

  5. 6 kor anon

    Nice story and write up wensley

  6. @Letrange: Until the other day most of the destroyers I’ve fought have just sat there and let me kill them without really trying to keep me at range. That all changed the other day when a FOOM pilot gave me a lesson in how they should be flown.

    @Tony: I think I’ve found a way of doing it. I’m going to have a little play before I shell out Β£20 on the software but it looks promising.

  7. 8 Lyta Reimalken

    You are aware of course, that getting exploded counts as a session change, and that you cant jump through gates as a result for like 30 seconds πŸ˜€

    Unlucky tho mate, sounded like a good fight πŸ™‚

  8. @Lyta, I am now πŸ™‚

  9. @wensley – Destroyers are tricky boats to fly properly but when you know what your doing they can be quite deadly. At the end of my stint in FW I wasn’t afraid sitting on the button in a thrasher and being outnumbered 3 or 4 to one. “A target rich environment” was more the feeling. Note that I didn’t stay sitting on the button. One could get back to the button after the excitement was over.

  10. @Letrange: They’re definitely a ship I want to learn to fly well. I reckon it could be very useful against all these FW frigates around here. Sigh, I guess Destroyers V just crept up my training plan.

  11. @Wensley
    Looking forward to how a real pirate plays πŸ™‚

  12. Just got a link off this from the 22nd, was a fantastic read and was awesome seeing that my ECM paid off for once, I was kind of guilty that we podded you tbh I do love and respect you Tusker and normally try not to pod you.

    Also man your ship went down at 13:37 GMT that just says it all about you! =)

  13. 15 Vall Kor

    “Its probably not helped by the fact I tend to charge in without support but hey, its more fun this way.” Pretty how I fly, glad to see I’m not the only one who rushing in guns blazing.

    Love the blog !

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