Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Rocks


I haven’t undocked much in the last week or so but last night I actually got a bit of quality play time. I’m a pirate, though, and its hard to keep us down. My station duties were finished, my old acquintances were renewed and some new ones made. It was time to get back to what I do best. Eagerly, I hopped into one of my favourite Rifters and joined the undock queue ready to resume my adventures out in the black.

I set out on my usual roam through the systems of Verge Vendor and quickly hit upon some Caldari militia pilots defending Costolle. Since they managed to take the system from the Gallente it has become the base of operations for a handful of Caldari corporations, not just the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit. There’s usually someone around either actively engaged in the war or hunting for bounties in the belts. Today there was an old friend docked in station and a stranger in the Cormorant. The Cormorant was defending one of two complexes in the system and, aware of the fact that Caldari NPCs can and will jam me, I warped in on the off chance that he was close to the warp in point. He wasn’t and targeted me and let off a couple of volleys from his railguns before I bugged out to consider my options.

While I was working out my plan of attack he commented in the local channel that Rifters were over-rated and not the wonderful ships that you and I know they are. This was, frankly, unacceptable and I decided then and there that he had to die. During my deliberations I chatted to my friend and offered him a duel which he politely declined but offered to take me up on soon. The Cormorant pilot said he would duel but didn’t want to leave his ‘plex. Well, I guess it was a good job there was another one in system. I warped to it and waited on the acceleration gate. My patience was rewarded and the Cormorant soon warped in and quickly activated the gate. I followed him in and cycled my weapons and tackle systems. As soon as I began to drop out of warp I began my ship’s targeting routines and my lock resolved accompanied by the gentle throb of my warp scrambler and the crackle of autocannons spitting out the deadly Republic Fleet EMP ammunition. The Cormorant returned fire but my ship was too nimble and was able to evade his railguns despite the fact that he’d loaded his ship with extra tracking computers especially for threats like me. We were out of range of the Caldari Navy NPCs that were guarding the complex and the lowly destroyer had no option but to bow to the might of the Rifter and its hull buckled and ruptured in a dazzling explosion. I exchanged a “good fight” in local with the pilot but couldn’t help grinning smugly as I looted his wreck and continued on my way.

One of my new friends happens to be a covert operations specialist and he’s agreed to help me in my hunt for targets – for a slice of the profits, of course. When I contacted him to tell him that I had a Covetor on scan in Jovainnon and that it seemed to be at a hidden belt he was only too keen to hop into his ship and come hunt him down with me. As soon as he jumped in he dropped a probe and began scanning. Ten minutes later he sent me a message: “I’m there now. Warp to me and be ready to scramble him.” I didn’t need telling twice. My warp drives engaged and I sprang into action. As soon as I was in warp my friend headed for safety lest I decloak him upon my arrival. They’re secretive types these covert ops people. Anyway, I digress. I dropped out of warp on top of my target and quickly had him scrambled and under fire. He released a flight of Hammerhead II drones but the medium drones had no chance of doing me any serious damage and I shrugged off their fire and concentrated on my objective. The mining barge exploded leaving its drones stranded and I quickly scooped the drones and looted the valuable strip miner from the wreck. It had been a good night’s work and, pleased with myself, I congratulated my new friend and headed for my quarters.

I wasn’t done with Covetors just yet, though. I woke up bright and breezey in the morning and, while chatting to some old alliance mates I had another little prowl around my territory. It was looking like a futile morning until, in my final system, I scanned another Covetor. I wasn’t going to let him mine in peace so I quickly began my scanning routines and had him pinned down and, a few seconds later, scrambled. This time there was no attempt at defense and the Covetor was destroyed without putting up a fight. I harvested the pair of strip miners from the wreck and docked up. In station I made another new acquaintance. Eviction Notice is a new pirate corporation trying to get on its feet in Hulmate. While I’m not in a position to bestow friendly status on another corporation and even if I were it isn’t our policy, its alwasy good to make contact with our neighbours so that we can share in the good times and help out in the bad. If nothing else it means more targets in the area which is never a bad thing.

It had been a lucrative few hours and I was pleased to see that the cash was once again beginning to flow in the right direction.


One Response to “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Rocks”

  1. Yes, beat them Rifter haters!

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