Trashed Thrasher


Things have been busy around station in Hevrice and I’ve not had as much chance to fly as I would have liked. In fact the only time I’ve really got out has been after a couple too many drinks in the station bar. While I couldn’t find any suitable targets I did strike up a chat with a member of the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit called Draco Rosso. We were chatting away and in the end agreed to have a little duel. At this point I got sidetracked by someone who’d just logged onto my comms channel but once I returned my attention to the job in hand we arranged to meet up and have our fight.

I was flying my Thrasher which was fitted out for close up work using a full rack of 200 mm autocannons, a shield tank, and lots of gyrostabilisers for added oomph. To make it fun I told Draco to come out in his Thorax which he promptly did.

The initial skirmish went very well. I closed range using my microwarp drive and settled into a nice wide orbit. Draco unleashed a flight of Valkyrie II drones and my guns made short work of them leaving him without a significant chunk of his DPS. At this point I made my fatal mistake and closed in to 7,500 m to start to hammer away at his shields and armour. I was quickly webbed and scrambled and sucked into an ever tighter orbit. Although my guns were doing good damage my feeble defences were no match for the stout Gallente cruiser and my destroyer exploded before I’d even removed a quarter of Draco’s armour.

It was a good fight and a good way to hand the 22nd BRDU their first Wensley kill mail. Thanks, Draco. Now all I need is the Gallente milita to flip some complexes back so once again I can go roaring in and unleash my best “Yaaaaaaaaaaar!”


3 Responses to “Trashed Thrasher”

  1. Fun read, Wens, as always. I have a couple of thrashers fitted with 200mm AC’s but have yet to do anything with them. Due to lack of familiarity with dessies, I think I trust my Rifters more.

  2. And there you have why I pretty much don’t fly close in dessies. All the bonuses and stuff (like, oh, say, the lack of tank) indicate that the ship should be fit for long range fighting. Admittedly this is of less use to a pirate that is intent on tackle, but dessies fight best in the 20-50km range bracket.

  3. 3 rocwieler

    Methinks we need to fly together more once I am done here in Evati.

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