The Tuskers Go To War


Last night a bunch of Tuskers pilots had a running battle with a group of pilots from various corporations. Amongst the corps represented was the Dark Sun Collective, a group that we’ve seen camping stations in and around Hevrice but often been unable to attack due to their high security status.

The skirmish lasted about an hour and a half and the following ships were killed without a single loss on the Tuskers’ behalf: Megathron, Enyo, Harbinger, Rupture, Ferox, Rupture, Thorax, and Vexor. Good work, boys. I wish I could have been there to join in.

Well, it appears that they didn’t take too kindly to the thrashing that the Tuskers gang gave them and this morning we received the following communication from CONCORD:

2009.01.03 20:48
Dark Sun Collective has declared war on The Tuskers.
After 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

I’m not entirely sure what they intend to gain from doing this. We’re already outlawed by CONCORD and they can engage us at will. All this does is gives us a license to shoot them under the watchful eyes of the sentry guns. Its not even like we have a logistics, missioning, or industrial backbone that they can disrupt. Still, its their ISK and if they want to waste them getting blown up then that’s okay with us.


9 Responses to “The Tuskers Go To War”

  1. Ooooh, very interesting stuff there. I hope it will provide impetus for yet more engaging blog posts you ol’ pirate rascal!

    Congrats to the Tuskers for the nice haul of kills there by the way!

  2. Heh Heh, maybe they are just being good sports so that you can engage at will no matter where you are! Sounds like fun to me.

  3. Hehe wardeccing pirates gives us an edge =} Have fun!

  4. 4 Ronan Jacques

    Haharr, silly Wensley, the war dec actually came about 7 hours before this rampage started, and we saw a couple of them moving into the area in the time leading up to it.

    We had vaguely considered they are being good sports, but if that’s the case too bad we still don’t like station games, only gank games.

  5. Ooops, I got confused by my 8 o’ clocks. I’ll update the post at some point to reflect a more accurate picture of what happened.

  6. 6 f0st3r

    Whats really sad about them, is that they there corp is twice the size of ours and there members are older pilots. But they have 2, yes TWO other corps helping them!!!!!!!!!!! Sad..

  7. 7 muadibsep

    hey why you lying? that never happend and you know it, never had a fight like that with you guys, and btw we war deced ya cause we’ve been roaming out this way and we see you guys only in smaller ships and the such and instead of grabing one of you guys that are red flashy on a gate and forceing any one that would like to help them out. to take sentry guns in there smaller ships. thust it’s a bit more freely engageable on your side, just have to actully engage ^^. so please do have some damn fun with this war whitch is true, at our expences

    • @Muadibsep: Sorry I got the details of the actual war dec confused. I haven’t had time to go back and correct the post yet to clear that up. As far as the fight goes, I’m reporting what our participants and killboard have to say about the matter.

  8. 9 muadibsep

    oh k cool man, thanks. saw that and i was like wtf you guys up too lol. have fun man

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