Stealth Bomber Operation


Its been a while since we had an organised corporate operation so it was good to see Bfoster leading us out in a fleet of stealth bombers. I powered up my Hound, originally named “Hound Dog”,  for its maiden voyage and loaded up a payload of Caldari Navy cruise missiles. We met up outside our corporate office with a fleet consisting of an Ares, Sentinel, and Crow for tackling duties; and three Hounds, a Manticore, and Purifier forming the DPS wing.

We moved out with our scout feeding back intel and made quick progress until we found an outlaw Rupture in a safespot in Loes. After chasing him around he eventually warped into Ouelletta where our waiting fleet pounced on him. Thinking quickly he burnt back to the Loes gate only to jump into the waiting clutches of Ka Jolo’s Ares. A couple of bombers jumped through once our aggression timers had worn off but the bulk waited in Ouelletta because the Rupture seemed to be burning back to the gate again. He jumped back in and this time didn’t have time to escape before my volley of Caldari Navy Devastator missiles slammed into his hull, destroying the once proud cruiser in the process. The loot was dropped off safely before we proceeded on our roam.

The rest of the operation was pretty uneventful. We didn’t find any more targets but scouted out a good portion of Placid before calling it a day and turning back towards Hevrice. On the way back we scanned down a Caracal doing a mission in Agoze. The combined firepower of our stealth bombers made short work of him, once again my Hound performed admirably on the damage scales and managed to get the final blow.

Thanks to Bfoster for organising this operation. Its good to get out as a corp and do things like this. Hopefully this will inspire myself and others to get out and lead gangs, both formal and impromptu. I’ve already set myself the target of doing more fleet command work so its probably time to pull my finger out.


3 Responses to “Stealth Bomber Operation”

  1. The Stealth bomber is a bit under-rated and under-utilised in piracy in my opinion. I think it’s a great ship: sneaky and able to pack a bit of a bite when required.

    Nice write up and yes, corp run events are fun – you have the pleasure of fleet mates who you know and trust and the surety of knowing that you have back-up that doesn’t just melt away in the face of even or worse odds.

    Pity you didn’t more kills but that is the life of a pirate.


  2. 2 f0st3r

    Good write up wens.. Sorry we didnt have more targets.. But oh well… At least we all made it home safe too! =) Keep the good blogs coming!!!

  3. 3 Xb

    It’s nice to see someone utilizing the awesome power of a SB fleet. I am yet to find a good group of sb pilots who pirate. It’s truly sad because I love to fly my Amarr SB.

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