The Caldari Militia Get Their Own Back


After weeks of terrorising the Caldari militia in their attempts to make inroads into Verge Vendor, they’ve finally managed to hit back. It actually looks like they’ve received reinforcements since Costolle fell to them. I’ve been seeing much bigger fleets and a couple of new corporations working in the area too. I’ll have to add them to my Faction Warfare Campaign.

Anyway, I was prowling in my Rifter as usual when I saw a Merlin sitting a few kilometres from the Hevrice gate in Muetralle. I powered towards him, keen to see what he’d do. Being a brave guy he locked me and engaged. It was on. I’ll admit that I was a bit taken aback by the speed of my microwarp drive (I’ve got used to flying afterburner fit ships) and I was a bit flustered in the initial engagement but I eventually managed to get him locked, scrammed, and taking fire. Seemingly from nowhere a second Merlin engaged. I overheated my guns and repair systems and hoped I could take out the first in time to swing round and turn on his ally. It wasn’t to be, though. A Crow entered the fray and there was no way I could withstand their combined power. With a sigh, my ship’s hull gave way and I warped out in my pod leaving my original opponent with just 12% structure.

Stung by this loss, I was keen for revenge. I quickly fitted up another Rifter and headed out to right this wrong. This time I stuck to my favourite set-up and put in a high technology afterburner instead of the microwarp drive. I’m finding them clunky and impossible to manoeuvre properly with so its back to what I know best. Anyway, I found my original target in a Caldari Major Complex in Costolle. Quickly checking to make sure he had no support I powered up the acceleration gate and warped in to extract sweet justice. I had to be careful this time, because it was a Caldari ‘plex I’d be taking fire from the navy ships in there as well but I was sure my afterburner would allow me to shrug off any incoming fire. What I hadn’t banked on, though, was the Caldari navy’s use of ECM. As my target closed range and opened fire I suddenly found myself unable to lock him. What?! Oh no, not another loss. Unable to defend itself my second Rifter exploded about ten minutes after its predecessor. So much for revenge. I exchanged good fights and warped out to lick my wounds while enduring the taunts of a neutral whose mining barge I’d been chasing around earlier in the day.

So that leaves the current score standing at Wensley 13, Caldari Militia 2. If their gangs keep growing and gaining experience at this rate its going to become seriously risky to engage them.


5 Responses to “The Caldari Militia Get Their Own Back”

  1. 1 capt thryss

    I had a little chat with the 22nd about how no one has your kill mail (before this of course) and how I didn’t want to see any more losses from you without taking you with them. So “hopefully” you be seeing some better fits and closer fights. I’d love to have a 1v1 when I get back, given I’ll probably loose, but you’re just too much damn fun to fight…who knows, even a blind squirrel gets a nut! Cheers, and stay out of those Caldari plexes, ha ha.

  2. As long as it doesn’t turn into me being blobbed all the time I’m always keen for better, closer fights. Fighting Artaxerxes’ Thrasher was definitely one of my favourite scraps so far.

  3. 3 capt thryss

    lol I just look at the kill mails….no one from the 22nd was on those two. Well I hope you get some more decent 1v1s and less blobs. (my intent was never to inspire traps or blobbing as opposed to good solo fight)

  4. Its okay, so far I wouldn’t accuse you guys of blobbing. I like fights against the odds, though, so I’ll still be looking to wade in and kick some arse. You guys are getting good, though, so this could quickly become and expensive hobby. Losing a ship to the 22nd has become a worryingly major event for me, because I’m not sure how I haven’t already I’m now determined to keep it that way despite the fact its inevitable that it’ll happen sooner or later.

  1. 1 Pot Shot - January 4th 2008 | Eve Network News

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