New Year’s Resolutions


As I sit in my office in Hevrice looking back over the last seven months since I graduated from the Republic University, I cannot help but wonder at what I’ve achieved. My search for adventure has taken me out into the lawless lands of Sansha’s empire in 0.0 security space and left me living on the wrong side of the law on the verges of the Gallente empire.

Life with The Tuskers is good. Although I can’t be available all the time I’m managing to get involved in plenty of actions with my corporation mates as well as having lots of fun roaming on my own. My frequent tussles with the Caldari militia add a good amount of spice to my daily hunts.

With all that I’ve achieved so far now seems like a good time to plan for the year ahead. So what are my targets for the coming twelve months?

  • Well, by the end of next year I’d like to be a highly competent (skill-wise) pilot of Rifters, Ruptures, Hurricanes, and Tempests. By highly competent I mean all the relevant support skills up to at least level IV, if not V.
  • Gunnery skills are the life blood of the Minmatar so by the end of the year all of my gunnery skills will be maximised so I can create even more explosions.
  • At the moment I’m having to watch the purse strings very carefully. This year I want to be able to start making some money and using the profits of my misdeeds to save up for a low-grade Slave set for Wensley.
  • I have been developing a scanning alt to help me probe down targets, especially in missions. Using his probe skills I’d also like to investigate the possibilities of exploration to keep my wallet topped up and to give me something to do in the quiet hours between kills.
  • The operations that I’ve lead in the past have been a lot of fun and I’d like to lead more to develop my fleet command skills.

I think that’s enough for now. I’m still a young pilot so there is so much to learn and do. If I can fly the full roster of Minmatar T1 ships, interceptors, and assault frigates that will give me plenty to be getting on with and allow me to operate on a relatively low budget.

Do you have plans for the year ahead?


One Response to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. 1 capt thryss

    Sry to keep posting here, Cosmic and I keep talking about doing some Cosmos missions for loot, you’re always welcome to join us.

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