Back in Action


Well hello there, citizens of New Eden. I hope you all had a good break over the Christmas season. After a nice relaxing break its good to be back in action again. And what better way to celebrate the festive season than to pay a visit to my old friends the Caldari militia?

While cruising along my usual patrol route I noticed a Gallente Minor Complex in Costolle. I’d already spent a good bit of time that morning skirmishing with a large Gallente fleet but had so far made no kills. This was my chance. Inside the complex were a Rifter and Merlin piloted by members of the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit and State Protectorate Academy respectively. This was just what I’d been looking for. I hit the command and my ship leapt into warp, hurled forward by the acceleration gate.

As I dropped out of warp I saw the Rifter and Merlin at close range. I’ve been playing with my ship fittings a little bit lately and had swapped out my afterburner for a microwarp drive. Whilst this would limit my ability to avoid damage it means that I can catch targets quickly (as a Slasher learnt when it was sitting 180km off station in Jovainnon). Anyway, looking at the targets I decided that the Rifter posed the greatest threat and settled into a 500m orbit. Wary of the risk of taking on two similar classed ships I overheated my guns and armour repair systems and quickly disposed of the Rifter while taking pretty hefty damage from both ships. I quickly changed my focus to the Merlin and slowly chewed my way through his shield tank resulting in a rewarding explosion as the second ship exploded. A good day’s work and further vindication of the brilliant qualities of my Rifters.

Safe flying everyone. I had a couple of good fights over the holiday too so I’ll try and catch up with those over the next few days.


2 Responses to “Back in Action”

  1. 1 Tony - EVE's Weekend Warrior

    Oh mr. Wensley with his rifters. You are too good to cause so much trouble right after being back now eh?

  2. 2 capt thryss

    Good kills, I get a kick out of seeing you tear my 22nd apart (don’t tell them)…they always come back with great stories and lessoned learned…and being a new pvp corp, I’m glad we’re fighting pilots of your caliber.

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