In Which My Rifter Gets In Your Face


I’ve been having a lot of fun lately toying with the Caldari militia as they try and make a push into Gallente space. A couple of corporations have made a forward push and are now a regular presence in our local systems. While I care little for the politics of the great Empires of New Eden I can’t watch people flying fearlessly in our systems. What kind of precedent would that set? If the Gallente milita aren’t going to show them that there’s more to life than just dealing with low ranking Gallente fleets in strategic locations then I sure as hell will.

With this in mind I was patrolling in my trusty Rifter when I saw a Thrasher and Merlin in a complex in Costolle. This mustn’t be tolerated and I warped to the acceleration gate before bursting in on their private party. By now the members of the 22nd Black Rise Defence Unit are used to the sight of my ships warping into their battles and you’d think the sight of all the wrecks afterwards would have taught them to err on the side of caution. Thankfully for me it hasn’t and I engaged my afterburner and sped towards the Thrasher. The Minmatar destroyer had already targeted me and I was taking damage as I closed to settle into a tight orbit around his hull. What the…? I was taking damage. Lots of it. Frantically I overheated my weapons and armour repair systems, closed my eyes, and prayed to the pirate gods. My ship rocked as an explosion washed over it. I opened my eyes and to my surprise the Thrasher had been destroyed. I didn’t have long to celebrate, though, the Merlin was closing fast so without further ado I closed in, locked, tackled, and destroyed his ship.

This was Rifter piracy at its sheer best. Blood and guts had won out against a ship designed specifically to take me down. To this day I have no idea how I managed to survive the high tech autocannons of the Thrasher long enough to destroy it. Maybe my tight orbit and good ship command and gunnery skills surpassed those of the Thrasher pilot. Maybe the fact that I had Republic Fleet EMP loaded meant that I, by sheer chance, was able to punch straight through his shield tank and out-track his guns, impeded as they were by the heavy rounds of Barrage ammunition. Who knows? Whatever happened it was a great fight and its exactly why I play Eve and live the outlaw life.

My proud little Rifter had several more engagements that day including a Vigil and Atron attempting the defend a complex in Jovainnon. Late that night, though, she was once again able to demonstrate her supreme combat abilities. While chasing a target, I forget what it was exactly, around Jovainnon I found myself in a belt having just watched him slip from my clutches again. As I was cursing my luck a Brutix that we’d been tracking for a while warped in to the belt with me. I fired up my afterburner and danced around outside of his tackle range to see what he’d do. My gamble paid off, he opened his drone bay doors and a flight of Warrior II drones sprang to greet me. I returned their embrace with webs and autocannons and was able to pick off the whole flight without taking more than shield damage. Man I love afterburners on frigates. With his drones dealt with I moved in to tackle and spread the intel through my corporation’s communication channels. I closed in tight, hoping to evade the mighty battlecruiser’s blasters, but he had the last laugh. My shields vapourised and my armour was taking damage. What?! I got in closer, hugging tight against his hull. Still damage. More damage. What?! What?! BOOM! My Rifter exploded and my pod warped out as the support gang jumped in. I checked my CONCORD logs to discover that the ferocious Brutix had shunned convention and fitted Light Neutron Blaster IIs. No wonder closing in tighter had resulted in the loss of my ship. I should have held orbit at 7.5km but I didn’t have time to read the incoming damage reports. I relayed this information the the support gang and they promptly avenged the death of my Rifter.

Maybe I should keep the combat log open so I can quickly tell what I’m being shot with. That would probably have made me think twice about that Thrasher, though. Oh well, it’s something to think about.

PS – I’m really pleased to see that Kane Rizzel‘s back and blogging. If you’ve not read his tales before then get over there to see how real men fly their Rifters.


3 Responses to “In Which My Rifter Gets In Your Face”

  1. 1 ombeve

    Nice story- you don’t expect BCs to fit small weapons!!

  2. 2 scurvy rickett

    Great kill on the thrasher. I think I commented on the tuskers kb but after reading your account and the merlin kill after taking on that beast… well, it impressed me again.

    I hope to see your rifter on scan at some point in the future.

    Happy hunting,


  3. 3 Atraxerxes

    I’m going to say it was partly thermal dynamics, but also a good helping of skilled piloting as well.


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