Why I Love ECM Drones


Last night I was sitting in Hevrice in my beloved Rifter scanning around when I saw a faction warfare complex spawn. I turned my scanners towards it and sat watching to see what would happen. First a Caracal, then several other ships showed up on my five degree scan. I was hesitant about engaging in my Rifter but I know that FW complex runners tend to fit long-range PvE style equipment rather than short range PvP modules. If I could separate one of them out I could maybe pick them off one at a time. I warped to the acceleration gate and they were all there. There was no way I could take them like this and they were aware of my presence now. I warped away quickly.

Slowly a plan began to form. I let them begin to run the complex. As they tackled the defending Gallente NPCs and tried to secure the beacon they would spread out. My last scan had shown them with a Thorax, Arbitrator, Moa, and Caracal. The drones of the Thorax would be a problem for my Rifter so I upgraded to my trusty Rupture and stuffed the drone bay with ECM drones. My plan was simple. I was going to warp in and pick off one of their cruisers and then warp out again. I could repeat this ad inifinitum as long as I could avoid getting warp disrupted, hence the ECM drones.

I undocked and leapt out into space. As soon as I was clear of the docking bay I punched in the instruction to warp to the acceleration gate and burst into warp. With warp streamers still clinging to the side of my cruiser I engaged the acceleration gate and headed in to fray. When I entered the complex the nearest ship was probably the toughest in there and would have been my primary anyway. I told my navigation computer to settle into a 15km orbit around the Thorax and let my autocannons do what they do best, pound away at an opponent from outside his optimal range. At this distance I also kept up enough speed to minimise his drone damage with the aid of the odd pulse of my MWD. This wasn’t a solo encounter so I didn’t take the time to pick off his drones and concentrated on the cruiser instead. The Caracal came to his aid and put a warp disruptor on me. I was taking damage and would need to leave once the Thorax was destroyed do dispatched my drones to interfere with the Caldari cruiser’s targeting sytems. His lock was broken and my warp engines were free to engage. The Thorax exploded and with just a few percent of armour left I recalled my drones and warped out of the engagement.

After I’d docked up and repaired my armour I was hungry for more. Before my criminal timer was over I undocked again, stuck two fingers up at the station as its guns opened fire on me, and warped back to the complex. Upon arriving this time I decided the primary the other drone ship and headed for the Arbitrator. By now the gang had also been joined by a Rifter but he seemed to have no desire to get close to my mighty Rupture. The Arbitrator already had significant damage from the NPC navy and went down quickly allowing me to turn my attention to the Caracal. I settled into a tight orbit and began to pound at the cruiser’s shields. I’d made a mistake in not changing ammo types and it seemed to take forever to wear away at his shields and all the time I was taking damage. Once again I used my ECM drones to try and keep the Moa out of the equation but he was still hitting me. The Caracal eventually exploded after putting up a good fight and once again I was low on armour so I hit the warp command and headed out of the complex.

So far three kills without response. I was eager to make it a clean sweep so once again I repaired my ship and headed to the complex. This time they weren’t having it and the Moa and Rifter warped out before I could close range on them.

It was a lot of fun, though, and the ECM drones really proved their worth. When engaging multiple opponents they allow me to prevent myself from being pinned down so I can fight them one at a time. This proved decisive in this engagement although it should be pointed out that other than the Thorax the ships I fought were poorly fit and not prepared for the engagement. If they’d all had points and locked me down then could comfortably have destroyed my Rupture the first time and I wouldn’t have returned for more. As it was I recovered enough loot to pay for my repair costs and had an absolute hoot.

Once again, good fight, 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit. I hope to see more of you in Hevrice.


4 Responses to “Why I Love ECM Drones”

  1. *facepalms* at airheaded FW mission-runners. Well done ^_^ I lol’d reading that!

  2. Ha! Good read–I love ECM drones. The lights get picked off easily if an opponent is paying attention or has a smartbomb fitted (*glares gently at Kirith Kodachi*), but the confusion factor of being able to launch a bunch of them can certainly distract an opponent–sometimes long enough to give you an edge, even if the ECM drones don’t get a jam. If they do, even better! Sometimes I mix ECM and damage dealing drones.

  3. 3 ombeve

    We’ve been using ECM drones in test on SISI for the Alliance Tournie- they are indeed awesome!

    You’ve also been tagged: http://ombeve.co.uk/blog/?p=428

  4. 4 capt thryss

    You know it doesn’t matter how many times I tell my guys to always fit a point/web and that plexing = pvp so fit for it. I gotta say you really amazed those guys with that engagement…considering the odds those guys deserved to die…he he. Good fight.

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